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Miracle of multiplication

17 May 2021
‘God can do much, much more than anything we can ask or imagine.’

Next time you see a big tree, remind yourself that it began as a tiny seed. What you have to offer today may seem small, but when God blesses it, it can grow. Jesus had been preaching to a massive crowd of people, and as it was late in the day, the disciples wanted to send them away so they could get something to eat. There were at least 5,000 people there that day (it’s possible that the actual number was far higher), so there was no way the disciples could afford to buy food for the whole crowd. All they could find were five loaves of bread and two fish belonging to a boy (see John 6:9) – it would hardly feed Jesus and the disciples, let alone the rest of the people there. But when Jesus took the small amount of food the boy offered and blessed it, there was enough for everyone to have as much as they wanted, and still have plenty left over. We might feel that our gifts, our time, our talents, and our efforts are too small to make a difference. But when we give them completely to God and ask Him to bless them, we’ll discover that He’s a great multiplier. He can take our words, our efforts, and our resources, and multiply them beyond anything we could imagine. ‘With God’s power working in us, God can do much, much more than anything we can ask or imagine.’ We mustn’t be ashamed of what we have to offer God, because He sees its potential to grow and bless others in His kingdom.

What Now?

Is there a skill or talent that you have, but you’re unsure if God could use it? Today, ask Him to bless it and show you how He can help you use it for His glory.

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