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What’s your vision?

29 January 2021
‘As in the vision I had seen.’

When God gives us a vision for our future, it can change our lives. The Bible tells us God ‘creates new things out of nothing’ (Romans 4:17 NLT). Vision shows us the target we need to aim for, sparks a fire within us, and draws us forwards. If what we’re pursuing in life doesn’t come from a burning desire within us – from the very depths of who we are and what we believe – we won’t be able to accomplish it. That’s because along the way we’ll have to overcome obstacles, opposition, barriers, and resistance. Unless we’re totally committed to our vision, and full of passion for it, we’ll become discouraged and struggle to see it through. Our vision often involves us having to step away from what we’re comfortable with and take risks. For many of us, that can be a scary experience, so we need a strategy to help us refocus on our vision and move forwards. Here are a couple of ideas: 1) Write it down. God told Habakkuk to ‘Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets’ (Habakkuk 2:2 NIV). Writing it down help us clarify our thinking. Once our vision is in writing, it becomes a map to our destination. We should look at it often to: 2) Check our course. If we’ve previously thought about our vision and expressed it clearly, we should check how well we’re carrying it out. We could even talk to someone we trust and ask them to tell us what they think our vision is. If they can describe it clearly, we’re probably on the right track.

What Now?

If God’s given you a vision, try writing it down. If you haven’t received a vision yet, spend a bit of time asking Him for yours, then write down what He says. If you’re feeling creative, try making it look like a map, to remind you that God’s vision is your destination.

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