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22 November 2020
‘Examine and see how good the LORD is. Happy is the person who trusts him.’

The psalmist said, ‘Examine and see how good the Lord is.’ Let’s think about what it means to be ‘good’. Among other things, it means to be virtuous, righteous, honourable, to live according to certain morals and standards, and to have integrity. A good God can’t break His promise, abandon His children, or fail to love and bless them. Because of God’s goodness, we can be sure that in every circumstance, He’ll treat us in the best possible way. Because of God’s goodness, we can experience security, peace, confidence, and joy greater than any we’ve known before. When life seems to be falling apart, it can be difficult to see God’s goodness or feel that things will get better. That’s when we must use the faith God has already given us, and make the choice to trust Him (see Romans 12:3). When a plant starts growing, it has to break through the hard seed encasing it, and then push its way through the soil to break through to the surface. Without undergoing these stages, when its world literally breaks apart, a tiny seedling could never grow into a strong, healthy plant. So when we’re facing trials, let’s embrace God’s will, because it’s ‘good and acceptable and perfect’ (Romans 12:2 ESV), even if it’s uncomfortable for a while, and work towards our breakthrough moment. Ultimately, we’ll ‘see how good the Lord is. Happy is the person who trusts in him’. The things we believe about God are revealed in the way we live our lives, so let’s trust Him, love Him, and believe that He’s good all the time, and allow His goodness and love to shine through us every day.

What Now?

Find a time lapse video of a seed growing underground. As you’re watching, thank God for His goodness at all times, even during the challenges. If you need a breakthrough for something in your life, ask God to help you keep pushing towards that moment.

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