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Learning from Moses (4)

27 October 2020
‘By faith…he persevered because he saw him who is invisible.’

Fourth: you must persevere when life gets difficult. Moses’ life could be summarised in these two words: ‘He persevered.’ Moses understood that difficulties come into every life, and he knew how to respond to them correctly and move on. And we must learn to do that too. As followers of Christ, we should never let problems defeat us; instead, we should let them draw us closer to God. God allows specific situations in our lives to bring growth, and without perseverance we won’t get very far. Notice the words ‘By faith…he persevered. Moses’ faith and trust in God helped him through every challenge he faced. When God calls us to do a job, He doesn’t just give us the task and then leaves us to deal with it by ourselves in our own strength. He equips and empowers us. He walks alongside us, encouraging us and letting us draw on His strength. He goes ahead of us and provides everything we need. When we say yes to His plan for our lives, we can stand on this promise: ‘We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose’ (Romans 8:28 NIV). If you want to live a life that’s successful in God’s eyes, you should do these four things: a) know who you are; b) take responsibility for your life; c) determine your priorities; and d) persevere when life gets difficult. If you stick closely to these Bible truths, you’ll live a life that’s truly blessed by God.

What Now?

Read the full account of Moses’ life in the Bible a few times so you’re really familiar with it. When you’re going through a difficult time and want to give up, think back over Moses’ story for encouragement to help you persevere.

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