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Money mindset

27 September 2020
‘Don’t wear yourself out trying to get rich.’

1 Timothy 6:10 tells us that ‘the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil’ (NIV). This verse is often misquoted to suggest that money itself is the most evil thing. The Biblical truth is that it’s our attitude to money that causes problems. With the right heart, having a lot of money can create real opportunities to do enormous amounts of good, though it’s not always necessary to have money to do Godly work. Jesus didn’t come from money. In Luke 2:22–24, we see that His family was too poor to offer the usual lamb at the time of his circumcision, and took birds instead. Jesus didn’t earn a salary in His years preaching, but He still built a network that eventually spread God’s Word around the world. However, to fulfil certain tasks in God’s Kingdom, money is necessary. As long as those involved maintain a sensible, generous heart, God can use all finances in a positive way. But if we start to love and crave money, or even develop anxious thoughts about it, money’s goodness goes out of the window. ‘All kinds of evil’ can creep in, and our attitude towards money holds an unhealthy amount of power over us. Proverbs 23:4 warns against letting our money mindset control our actions. It says, ‘do not wear yourself out to get rich’ (NIV). The most important thing is to have a prayerful sense of balance about our finances. If we’re in a season of having plenty, then we should hold loosely to what we have and share it generously. If we’re in a time where we have less, then we can use that as a reminder to rely on God, trusting that He always provides what we need.

What Now?

Can you find a way to be generous today? If you have spare of anything – time, food, money, clothes etc. – find a person or an organisation that would benefit from it.

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