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25 March 2020
‘Desire leads to sin, and then the sin grows and brings death.’

When God says no to sin, He’s not being demanding and controlling – He’s being protective. The Bible explains the dangers of sin this way: ‘People are tempted when their own evil desire leads them away and traps them. This desire leads to sin, and then the sin grows and brings death’ (vv.14-16 NCV). We’ll all be tempted by things in our lives. We’ll all have desires that we want to fulfil, even though we know they’re wrong. But when we give in to those temptations and desires, we can find ourselves sinning against God. The Bible says: ‘A good person who gives in to evil is like a muddy spring or a dirty well’ (Proverbs 25:26 NCV). When we give in to our desires, we let sin pollute us. Sin never leads to good things. And God doesn’t want us to experience these bad things in our lives because He loves us so much. He just wants the best for us. Sometimes we can think that God’s trying to take all the fun out of our lives. But He knows that if we go down the wrong path, we’ll end up somewhere we don’t want to be. Jesus said: ‘If you love me, you will obey my commands’ (John 14:15 NCV). So if we truly love God, we’ll want to do the things He wants us to do. If we love ourselves more than God, we’ll be concerned about missing out on things and wanting to go our own way. Our obedience to Him is an expression of our love for Him. And His desire for us to continually do the right thing is an expression of His love for us. It’s not about rules and regulations, it’s about the love and protection of our Father. 


What Now?

Whenever you feel tempted to do something that you know is wrong, drink a glass of water. As you’re drinking, pray that you would be like clean water, unpolluted by bad, harmful things.

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