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Show compassion (2)

10 February 2020
‘The Lord is full of compassion and mercy.’

When it comes to Christlike compassion, the Bible teaches us two more things. Firstly, compassion relates to the needs of others. Paul writes, ‘Jesus…This High Priest of ours understands our weaknesses, for he faced all of the same testings we do’ (Hebrews 4:14-15 NLT). Jesus understands. Whatever situation, challenge, or difficulty we find ourselves in, Jesus can relate. He faced pressure, rejection, pain, temptation, and false accusations. And when we face those things, we can understand how other people feel too. None of us like facing tough times, but those times are the ones which grow our compassion. We become able to help and encourage those who are facing a similar situation. Secondly, compassion responds to the needs of others. It’s not enough just to recognise and relate to the needs of others. We need to provide practical help; otherwise, our compassion doesn’t mean much. Jesus responded to sick people with healing, to hungry people with food, and to lost people with the good news of the gospel. Maybe we can sponsor a hungry child, spend time with someone who is lonely, bring a meal to someone who’s grieving, pray for someone who is struggling, or listen patiently to someone who needs a friend. The Bible says that Jesus ‘went around doing good’ (Acts 10:38 NIV). We need to make sure we’re focused on ‘doing good’ rather than appearing good. Our compassion shouldn’t just be for show. In James 5, we’re told that ‘the Lord is full of compassion and mercy.’ Are we people who are full of compassion? And are we prepared to let that compassion move us to help when we see people in need?


What Now?

Ask God to open your eyes to someone in need today. Then do what you can to help them.

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