Led by the Spirit

17 November 2019
‘Letting the Spirit control your mind leads to life and peace.’

Paul writes, ‘Those who are dominated by the sinful nature think about sinful things, but those who are controlled by the Holy Spirit think about things that please the Spirit’ (v.5 NLT). To be ‘controlled by the Holy Spirit’ means to obey His promptings and follow His guidance. We can do that by going through our day with an awareness of His presence. When we feel Him guiding us to take a particular course of action, even if we don’t quite understand why, we should follow Him. It might be a prompting to end a particular conversation, switch off a TV programme, unfollow a social media account, or walk away from an ungodly environment. Whatever it is, we should do it immediately. Living by the Spirit doesn’t just mean avoiding doing the wrong things, it also means following the Spirit’s guidance to do good. Sometimes someone’s name can come to mind during the day, and we know they’re going through a difficult time and could use some support. We should get in touch with them. God might want to minister to that person through us, and He will bless us when we do it. The Holy Spirit may guide us to do a certain thing, or take a risk we never imagined we’d take. God knows all things, including our future, and His direction is always for our benefit. The Bible tells us that when we surrender and let our lives be led by the Spirit, we’ll have ‘life and peace’. It can be challenging to lose control because we usually want to do things our own way. But knowing that we’ll have ‘life and peace’ in return makes the sacrifice and surrender completely worthwhile.


What Now?

Does the name of someone you know keep coming into your mind ? Send them a message today. Or is there a social media account you know isn’t healthy for you to follow? Make the choice to unfollow them.

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