27 September 2019
‘The weapons we fight with…have divine power to demolish strongholds.’

Strongholds are thoughts such as ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I can’t be used by God’ and ‘I’m unlovable’. These thoughts become stronger and stronger if we don’t deal with them, and they then influence our behaviour and our emotions. They can prevent us from stepping out into our God-given calling, and stop us from experiencing all the good things that God has promised us. The story of Joseph the prisoner becoming Joseph the prime minister teaches us that we can rise above the circumstances, overcome the challenges, and live in the fullness of our God-given potential. His journey was a long one, and ours may be too. But if we don’t take the first step, we’ll remain stuck where we are. Sometimes our strongholds feel so strong that we’re not sure we can ever destroy them. But the Bible tells us that ‘the weapons we fight with…have divine power to demolish strongholds.’ God’s truth has the power to tear down the lies that we’re believing about ourselves. We have to take our thoughts and see if they line up with God’s truth in the Bible. In verse 5, we’re told to ‘take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ’ (NIV). When negative, fearful, guilt-ridden, inferior, condemning thoughts arise, we need to reject them and begin to repeat what God says about us in His Word. As we begin to believe the truth we find in God’s Word, our old thoughts will begin to lose their control over us. This can feel like a hard task, but God will help us. He wants to destroy any lies that we’re believing, about ourselves and about Him. So today let’s start the process of destroying our strongholds.


What Now?

Listen to the song ‘Reckless Love’ by Cory Asbury. Thank God that there’s no stronghold that is too big for God to overcome.

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