Plan and purpose

26 August 2019
‘Called according to his purpose.’

The Bible says, ‘God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.’ One of the things we should be focusing on is discovering God’s unique purpose for us and fulfilling His plan for our lives. We might find it difficult to discern these, which can make us feel discouraged. If you‘re struggling to learn what’s in God’s heart for you, here are some ideas: 1) Pray and listen. Ask God to reveal His purpose and plan for you, and listen to what He says. Keep a journal or notebook nearby so you can write down anything He’s saying to you. Be persistent. Repeat your questions each time you pray until you know you’ve heard from Him. If you’re not sure, ask Him for clarification. 2) Look at your skills and strengths. Your purpose is often linked to the existing gifts and talents that God’s blessed you with. Ask Him how He wants you to use them. Think about what you’ve learned from situations God’s placed you in. Maybe you studied a particular subject at university, but actually the skill God wants you to use is time management or structuring an essay – things you learned from that experience which you wouldn’t immediately think of. 3) Ask advice from someone you trust. They may have some insights that help you discover something about yourself that you hadn’t seen before. Sometimes we can think we’ve got to force God’s plan to come into being. That’s what happened to Abraham and Sarah in Genesis 15-21. But trying to manipulate the situation ourselves causes problems, and shows that we’re lacking faith. God will work in His timing; we have to make sure we’re following His guidance and seeking His wisdom in our lives.


What Now?

Have you discovered God’s purpose for your life yet? If not, spend some time in His presence today and ask Him to reveal it to you.

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