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04 June 2019
‘I lay prostrate before the Lord.’

Sometimes we wonder how we should be praying. When we’re younger, we’re often taught to put our hands together and close our eyes. But there’s no right or wrong style of praying. Throughout the Bible we see people praying standing, kneeling, lying on the ground, sitting, stretching out their hands, lifting their faces toward the sky, or bowing them toward the earth. We need to find the method that works best for us, and then use it. Some people pray better when they are moving. They like to connect with God while walking, driving, or running. We’re free to use our body and posture to help us turn our mind and heart towards God. When we’re acknowledging our sins, we may find it helpful to have our heads bowed and to kneel; it’ll help us to remember and experience the humility of the moment. In worship, we may want to turn our faces towards the sky. In asking for guidance, we may find it helpful to turn our palms upwards as a way of expressing with our body: ‘Lord, whatever You want.’ When praying for someone else in public, we may want to look that person right in the eye while talking to God. When we’re thanking God, we can put on some worship music and sing along. Ultimately, it’s not about how we pray, it’s about the heart we come with. We should approach God with joy, excitement, and simplicity. Not reeling off long, wordy prayers for the sake of it, but coming to Him as we are, with our own uniqueness and creativity. Let’s approach God in a way that’s natural, spontaneous and comfortable for us.


What Now?

Think about the way you like to connect with God (is it though music? Art? Writing?) Then spend some time connecting with Him in that way.

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