10 April 2019
‘In season and out of season.’

We all experience seasons in our lives. Sometimes we’re in the season of small beginnings. That season can frustrate us because we want to do the big things for God, not the smaller tasks. We want to be used by God without first learning the skills we’ll need. But God says, ‘Do not despise these small beginnings’ (Zechariah 4:10 NLT). That’s like spring – the season where life is starting to emerge from winter. Other times we’re in a season of joy. Things in our lives seem to be working out, and we’re on fire for God. We’re passionate for His church, and have opportunities to serve Him. This time is like summer. We’re out enjoying God and everything feels great. Our autumn season can feel like things are starting to die in our lives. We’re trying to hold on to the summer, but things don’t seem to be working out for us anymore. Other times we’re in valley seasons. Those times can feel dark and long. We’re tired and start to wonder if new life will ever come again. That’s like winter. But thankfully, spring always follows winter. If we’re not sure what season we’re in, we can ask God. He does everything according to a set time and purpose. God gives us grace for the season we’re in. He gives us the strength to deal with the tougher seasons. And we can grow our faith, even when we’re not in the summer season. Paul said, ‘Be prepared in season and out of season.’ So let’s ask God to show us what season we’re in and how to make it as productive as it possibly can be.


What Now?

Which season do you feel like you’re in now? If you keep a diary or journal, each week draw a quick picture of a leaf and colour it according to which season God’s telling you that you’re in (yellow for spring, green for summer, orange for autumn, and blue for winter).

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