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19 February 2019
‘Jesus said, “Weren’t ten men healed? Where are the other nine?”’

In the Bible, we read about Jesus healing ten lepers. These were people who suffered with the skin disease, leprosy. In those days, lepers were seen as unclean people and were not permitted to come into contact with others. The Bible tells us that ‘they did not come close to Jesus but called to him, “Jesus! Master! Have mercy on us!”’ (Luke 17:12-13 NCV). Jesus healed these lepers. But only one out of the ten returned to say ‘thank you’. ‘Jesus said, “Weren’t ten men healed? Where are the other nine?”’ We don’t know why the other men didn’t come back to say ‘thank you’ to Jesus after they realised they were healed. Maybe it was because they were too busy, too interested in themselves, or simply forgetful. We can be tempted to think badly of those nine men, but how often have we experienced an answer to our prayers only to carry on and not thank God? How many times do we move onto asking for the next thing, without properly thanking God for what He’s just done for us? In Deuteronomy 8, God told the Israelites that they were heading for a good land, and that they would have plenty. This must have been great news to them as they had been wandering in the wilderness for forty years. But God made sure to remind them that while they were enjoying their new plentiful life, they should never forget that it was God who brought them to that place and that they should praise Him (take a look at Deuteronomy 8). Whether we experience healing, rescue, or something else, we need to remember that it was God who answered our prayers. We need to go back to Him, and give thanks.


What Now?

Think back to the last prayer God answered. Spend some time thanking and praising God for what He’s done for you.

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