Blessings of blood

20 January 2019
‘The blood of Jesus Christ…cleanses us from all sin.’

The New Testament alone mentions blood around 100 times. Almost half of those times are references to Jesus’ blood specifically, so we know that it must be hugely important in God’s message to us. Romans 5:9 reminds us that ‘we have now been justified by His blood’ (NIV), and 2 Corinthians 6:18 records God saying ‘I will be a Father to you, and you will be my sons and daughters’ (NIV). That’s exactly what blood does. It proves who a child’s parents are, passes on their DNA, and if Jesus has given us His blood we are, inarguably, God’s children with His blueprint running through our veins. And just like blood, having His DNA does three important things for us. 1) Blood provides the right things to cleanse and heal our wounds. It’s the blood that goes to the broken, injured skin to clean the cut, and create a clot to begin healing the wound. This is the first role of Jesus’ blood, to cleanse and heal us from our sin. That is why He allowed it to be spilled for us on the cross. 2) Blood contains white cells which defend the body against infection. They fight off any attack, destroy everything harmful, and protect against anything that could make the body ill, just like Jesus does for His body, the church. 3) Blood carries oxygen around the whole body, which is then burned to produce energy. The blood of Jesus is our fuel, too. With Him, we are provided with everything that we need to get by, and more. Having God’s DNA in our lives fuels us to fully live the life that He promises to us.


What Now?

Make some time today to just sit in God’s presence and thank Him for healing, defending, and energising you.

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