01 November 2018
‘Turn to me and have mercy, for I am alone and in deep distress.’

When everything in our lives is falling apart, where do we go? Who do we turn to? Do we try and sort everything on our own? Do we turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms to see us through? Do we live in denial and pretend the problems aren’t happening? Psalm 25 shows us where David went. Verse 16 says: ‘Turn to me and have mercy, for I am alone and in deep distress’ (NLT). David went to God. He realised that he was in a bad situation, that no one else was going to help, and that he needed God. David knew Who to trust. He says: ‘I trust in you, my God!’ (v.2 NLT). People who don’t let God into their lives have to solve everything by themselves. They have to rely on their own strength. They have to find their own ways to cope. But we’re not designed to live like that. We’re designed to be dependent on our Heavenly Father. We’re designed to go to Him, ask Him for help, and allow His strength to sustain us. We’ll only confide in people we trust. So if we’re avoiding confiding in God, we need to have a look at our hearts and ask ourselves if there’s something that’s making us not trust God. It might be a seemingly unanswered prayer, a disappointment, or a lie about God’s character which we’re believing. Once we trust God, we can hand everything over to Him through prayer. And David knew how to pray. In Psalm 25, he says ‘Show me…Lead me…teach me’ (vv.4-5 NLT). Let’s get into God’s presence and hand all our situations over to Him. Let’s surrender to Him and ask Him to help us get through whatever we’re facing.


What Now?

Take a 5 minute break at some point today, and take all your problems to God. If you’re struggling to know how to give things over to Him, why not start by just saying ‘Help!’

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