Who am I? (9)

29 October 2018
‘We were gentle among you.’

Commanders: Commanders were created to understand power and leadership, to know how it works, and feel a natural pull towards it. They want to portray an image of strength and have a need to lead. Opposition actually energises them. Every team, church, workplace needs a commander personality. Leadership is important in society, and we need people who are willing to take on the challenge of leading others. But this comes with huge responsibility and commanders need to make sure they are regularly evaluating how they’re getting on, and how the people they are leading are getting on too. Without good leadership nothing gets accomplished. But power can become an end in itself, and, if we’re commanders, we can become frustrated when we’re not getting our own way. Other people may feel intimidated about speaking up when they don’t agree with us. Leaders are great if they work alongside the people they are leading. They need to be aware of the problems and successes of the people. Leaders may have people doing what they need them to do, but if they don’t have love, loyalty, or respect from the people then there’s something wrong with their leadership style. Responsibility without accountability produces instability. We need to find people who can hold us accountable and can regularly ‘check in’ with us to see how we’re getting on. Paul, a great leader, wrote: ‘We were gentle among you, like a mother caring for her children.’ When it comes to great leadership, there are two words that go hand in hand – ‘gentleness’ and ‘greatness.’ Can we say that we lead with both?


What Now?

If you’re a commander, ask God to help you lead others with both gentleness and greatness. If you’re not, pray for those who are. Ask God to help them break free from their pattern sins.

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