Who am I? (6)

26 October 2018
‘I thought about my life, and I decided to follow your rules.’

Thinkers: Thinkers like to know everything. They’re the investigators, scientists, and inventors among us. They love to discover truths no one else has uncovered, and master subjects, skills, and hobbies on their own. They have amazing memories when it comes to retaining information about things they’re interested in. Thinkers are often introverted. They enjoy having their own space. And need time alone to process and think. But if we’re thinkers, we can sometimes be insensitive to others. We love being right, but that shouldn’t come above loving the people around us. We’re also not always comfortable expressing emotion or affection. And can often end up expressing our feelings indirectly, which can cause us to come across as takers and not givers. If we’re thinkers we don’t like to lose arguments, or be interrupted. We enjoy solitude for hours on end as we have a lower need for community and connection. The problem is, we weren’t created to do life completely on our own. We can only grow spiritually as we give to others and are willing to receive from them. We need other people. Jesus said: ‘By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another’ (John 13:35 NIV). Whether we’re introvert or extrovert, we need some interaction with others to helps us keep growing spiritually. As thinkers, we can often struggle with the concept of ‘faith’. Doubt is normal. But when we overthink things, we can end up in a cycle of doubt. We need faith in God, it enables us to keep going. So, as thinkers, we need to ask God to help remove our doubt and grow our faith in Him.


What Now?

If you’re a thinker, ask God to help you have increased faith in Him and to be able to connect well with those around you. If you’re not, pray for those who are. Ask God to help them break free from their pattern sins.

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