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Be creative

03 June 2018
‘They made an opening in the roof.’

All of us are creative in some way. Maybe we like writing, baking, painting, drawing or making music. Maybe we like thinking creatively about a problem. That’s what a group of people did in the Bible when they were trying to get their friend to be able to see Jesus. Their friend was paralysed and they believed Jesus could heal Him. But the house Jesus was in was too crowded to even be able to get through the door. So they had a creative thought. ‘They made an opening in the roof above Jesus by digging through it and then lowered the mat the man was lying on.’ Sometimes we can feel like we’re stuck in a problem or stuck in our relationship with God. We just don’t seem to be getting anywhere. But God has made us all with the ability to be creative. We are made in His image (see Genesis 1) and He’s a creative God. So when we’re feeling like we can’t move forward, maybe we need to be creative and think outside of the box. This is particularly true in our relationship with God. Sometimes we can feel like our journey with God has become mundane. We no longer desire to spend time with Him; we pray and read the Bible because we’re told we should rather than because we really want to. Maybe that’s when we need to go through the roof, not the door. There are plenty of alternative, creative ways to connect with God. We can journal, read books, study theology and worship Him through art, music or hospitality. So if we’re feeling a bit stuck in our relationship with God, let’s think creatively and try something new.


What Now?

If you’re feeling stuck in your relationship with God, try a new way of connecting with Him today.

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