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The resurrection

29 May 2018
‘He proved to them in many ways that he was actually alive.’

People have argued about the truth of the resurrection for centuries. And it can seem like an unbelievable story. If it happened in our lifetime, would we really believe that someone who had been executed would rise from the dead, fully alive, a few days later? It sounds impossible. It's not really surprising that Thomas the disciple refused to believe Jesus had risen until he’d seen Jesus and touched the nail holes for himself (take a look at John 20:24-29), or that the disciples on the road to Emmaus didn't recognise Jesus (you'll find this in Luke 24:13-35). But all kinds of people have gone over the evidence of the resurrection, and time after time, they come to the same answer - it really happened. Author Lew Wallace, had set out to write a book disproving the resurrection. But he actually ended up defending it, and the result was Ben-Hur, now a world-famous classic. A similar thing happened to the British lawyer and engineer Dr Frank Morison. He set about writing a book that rejected the truth of the resurrection. But after he'd carefully examined the evidence, his scepticism became faith, and he was convinced that the resurrection definitely happened. He became a believer, and his book Who Moved the Stone? gives details of all the evidence he found, and why it’s so overwhelmingly true. When we're having doubts and feeling unsure of God, let's hold on to the fact that the resurrection refuses to be disproved. When we have moments of uncertainty, let's ask God to step into those doubts and make us completely aware of His truth. And let's be comforted knowing that Jesus really did conquer death and made certain of our salvation.


What Now?

Try and get hold of a copy of Who Moved the Stone? (someone in your church might have a copy you could borrow) and have a read of it.

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