Protect the important stuff

15 February 2018
‘Learn to recognise and treasure what is excellent…and of real value.’

Are you a bit adrift with self-discipline? Start here: self-discipline is just about learning what’s important in life and putting walls around those things to protect them. To get better, try to practice a few things: 1) Start your day by doing the hard things first. You’ll protect the value of work, and integrity. There are some absolute basics that will get your day off to a bad start if you don’t get them sorted: make your bed, pick up your clothes, and wash the dishes. You’ll notice the difference if you start well. Don’t try to jump into several projects at once: the feeling of ‘getting something done’ will help you grow in self-respect and self-discipline. 2) Make a commitment to be punctual. You’ll protect the value of other people. To break lateness, call it what it usually is – inconsiderate and selfish. 3) Plan ahead. You’ll protect your time. Everything takes longer than you think, so don’t wait until the last minute and end up working under unnecessary pressure. 4) Accept correction from those who care about you, without sulking or retaliating. You’ll protect your humility. Until you’re willing to take correction, you’ll never be qualified to give it. The Bible says, ‘Wisdom is found in those who take advice’ (Proverbs 13:10 NIV), so if you’re wise you’ll smile when you hear feedback (even with gritted teeth), and you’ll take on counsel. Face the truth even if it hurts, refuse to feel sorry for yourself, and set a handful of do-able goals. In other words: ‘Learn to sense what is vital…and of real value.’


What now?

Which of those four things cuts to your heart the most? Do that one today.

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