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Fishing lessons (4)

Fishing lessons (4)

13 July 2021
‘Launch out into the deep and let down your nets.’

Lesson four: God’s plan for your life always involves risk. Why? Because He wants you to live by faith. Why do you think Jesus said to Peter, ‘Launch out into the deep’? Because that’s where the big fish are. Most people live out their days in the shallow waters of life. They exist on a superficial level. There’s little depth to their lives; they’re content to play around the edge, never getting out into deeper water. Why? Because it’s safer in shallow water. They think, ‘If I get out into the deep water, there might be some waves. They might rock my boat, and it might overturn. So I’ll just stay back here where it’s comfortable, and fiddle around.’ We barely get our feet wet because we’re afraid of getting in over our heads. We think, ‘If I really get serious about my commitment to the Lord, He may make me a fanatic. My family might get really upset. What will my friends think? What if God asks me to do something I’m unable to do?’ So we’re content to stay in the shallows – and we miss out on so much. Understand this: God’s plan for your life is a good plan, one that will work for your benefit (see Jeremiah 29:11-14). He says, ‘Let me get into your boat. Let my presence be with you wherever you goin your business, in your career, in your family, in your marriage, in every area. Let me direct you. Cooperate with my plan, and I will bless you beyond your wildest dreams.’ Why not take Him at His word today, and launch out in faith?

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