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Simplify your life

Simplify your life

05 April 2023
‘If you are tired from carrying heavy burdens, come to me.”’

The average office worker is bombarded each day with over two hundred messages via email, texts, tweets, and blogs. In fact, one in three managers gets sick because of information overload. It’s a blizzard out there! It makes you wonder – if technology is saving us all this time and energy, how come we’re so frazzled?

Here is something Canary Wharf and Fleet Street won’t tell you: success presents more opportunities for the Enemy to run you into the ground. That’s no way to live, and it certainly isn’t God’s will for you. Don’t wait until you hit the bottom, get fired, throw away your life, settle for a dead-end job, or lose your family. Don’t wait until you’re too old, too grumpy, and too locked into your lifestyle. Today, Jesus is saying to you, ‘If you are tired from carrying heavy burdens, come to me and I will give you rest…learn from me’  (vv. 28-29 CEV).

Leadership expert and Christian author Phil Cooke says: ‘The Lord can’t relieve the pressure while you’re in the wrong place, at the wrong time, doing the wrong thing, with the wrong people. If you climb the corporate ladder and neglect your family, His hands are tied because your priorities are out of order. When you’re in God’s will, you can work hard, but travel light! He’ll carry your burdens and take the weight. Simplifying your life may mean working fewer hours, scheduling “down time” and investing more in your loved ones. Markets, assignments, personalities and situations are all different, but these principles hold true for everyone.’

So the word for today is – simplify your life.

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