UCB's Big Weekend Walk

We want the whole of the UK to hear about God’s love for them and we need your help! 

Lace up your shoes and join UCB on an epic walking adventure, covering the whole of the UK!  But have no fear, you don't have to walk all 1200+ miles (or swim across the Irish Sea).  Instead, you can do a few miles right where you are and the best part is that, every single mile counts.


Here's how it works!


During the weekend of 5th-7th October, we're asking you, your church (and anyone else who wants to get involved) to help raise support for UCB, by going for a walk!  

It might be a sponsored stroll with a few friends, an organised walk with people after church on Sunday, or you might even take on a much more challenging hike of your own across the whole of the UK.

Whatever you do, every single mile walked, by every single person counts!  Here at UCB, our own team will be walking to add to the big total.  Between us, can we walk enough miles to cover the distance from John O’Groats to Lands’ End?  And raise funds for UCB to share God’s Word the length and breadth of the UK, at the same time? 



How to get involved!


1. Talk to your friends, your church, people you know and see if they'll join you. You could walk for 1 mile (and take the kids/pets and spend some time enjoying the outdoors) or walk for 5 miles or even 20.  It doesn't matter; how far you go is totally up to you!

2. Register your walk and receive a free Big Weekend Walk Kit which includes all the information you need, plus a few UCB goodies, to help keep you motivated! 

3. Set up your JustGiving page (it’s really easy and your Big Weekend Walk Kit will show you how to do it) and ask your friends and community to sponsor you. All money given online goes directly to UCB, so you don’t even need to collect the cash afterwards.

4. Lace up your shoes and go for a walk!


Please click below to register your walk

But don’t worry if you can’t take part in an event, we’d love you to still get involved by sponsoring our UCB presenters Steve Best and Ruth O’Reilly-Smith, who will be completing a 20 mile walk on Friday 5th October. A number of other presenters will be joining them throughout the day, so keep a look out on social media to see who is walking, live as it happens!



UCB 1 presenter Steve Best


I’m getting involved in the UCB Walk because whilst I am no runner, or extreme sports nut, most of us can walk, and I’ve been doing that for many a year, although maybe faster than some. It will be nice to be able to do something constructive in an activity where I actually have some ability!

I have seen first-hand how important UCB is to those with whom we engage. I hear daily from people whose lives have been impacted in many and various ways, and whose life paths would be very different had UCB not been there. For this reason I am honoured and delighted to be able to do anything I can to help support UCB.



UCB 2 presenter Ruth O'Reilly-Smith


I’ve always loved listening to the radio, but never dreamed I’d work in radio, let alone host a radio show. I also love Jesus and so for me to be speaking about the difference Jesus makes in our lives on national Christian radio is an incredible privilege. I started out in radio at uni but I’ve worked in Christian radio ever since and love it. There’s something really precious about being able to speak the truth of God’s word and play great Bible-based music every day. I’m incredibly honoured that I get to do this at UCB – such a well-respected brand within the UK and globally – it’s humbling.

One of my other great passions is walking. My deepest friendships have been forged while walking, including the one with my now husband. There’s something liberating about walking. My soul sings when I walk. I feel truly alive as I put one foot in front of the other and lift my head to wonder at God’s creation. I love walking in nature, I love hiking and I love walking on my own, talking to my Maker or with others, talking about life. I love nothing more than finishing my show and going for a walk – it gives me time to process and reflect on all that’s happened in my day so far. Walking is a beautiful thing.