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We want the whole of the UK to hear about God’s love for them and we need your help! 

Thank you if you were part of a Big Weekend Walk from 4th to 6th October – every single mile walked and every single pound raised helps UCB to share God’s Word the length and breadth of the UK.

UCB Radio presenters Becs Millington and Ruth O’Reilly-Smith were part of the UCB team, and there’s still time to sponsor them!


Becs Millington


I am passionate about UCB and amazing Christian radio as it was there for me at the darkest time in my life. I had walked away from church due to hurt and was completely lost in my life. Finding Christian radio allowed me to not only experience God’s love and grace, but to also give me a direction in my life. I’m so excited to be part of the Big Weekend Walk – by raising money for UCB, I want more people to find the same hope as I did.’ Becs – UCB 1 Presenter



Ruth O’Reilly-Smith


‘I’ve always loved listening to the radio, but never dreamed I’d host a radio show. I also love Jesus and so for me to be speaking about the difference Jesus makes in our lives on national Christian radio is an incredible privilege. One of my other great passions is walking – my soul sings when I walk! I love hiking and I love walking on my own, talking to my Maker or with others, talking about life. I did a Big Weekend Walk last year, and am thrilled I can join a church group on their Big Weekend Walk in 2019!’ Ruth – UCB 2 Presenter


Here are some of the Big Weekend Walkers who took part in 2018:

“Walking with friends, in one of  the most beautiful patches of  God’s creation to raise money  for spreading His Word is just  so appropriate.”


“It's definitely helped us as women and mothers to have the radio as extra input, and walking with friends, life group, our children, in one of the most beautiful patches of God's creation to raise money for you spreading His Word even more is just so appropriate.” Alice


Roland and his church taking  part last year!


“18 walkers did the 4 miles......from a 2 year old and 3 year old twins (with a little help from a buggy!) to the oldest.... a very fit 75 year old! We are only a small fellowship but we raised £269”.  Liz


Thank you if you were part of this year’s Big Weekend Walk!

Big Weekend Walk 2019 map

How to get involved!

There’s still time to get involved by sponsoring our UCB team, including UCB 1’s Becs Millington and UCB 2’s Ruth O’Reilly-Smith.


Whatever you give, every single pound from every single person counts!

Thank you for your support! Because of you, we can change more lives for good, by the power of God’s Word.


2018 Big Weekend Walk