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We’re glad you’ve chosen to get into God’s Word with UCB’s YouVersion studies. 

Our studies are compiled from daily Bible devotionals, the UCB Word For Today, and Word For You. Each devotional includes a daily Bible reading and a short reflection to inspire you to live out the Christian faith.



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When you're doubting and afraid...

Doubt and fear are part of human nature: even the greatest characters in the Bible questioned God’s love, power, and provision. Yet in His patience, God’s Scriptures have shown us that He is stronger than our doubt and greater than our fear. Taken from the Word For You devotional by UCB, this series will take you through several Bible verses that remind us how to strengthen our faith amidst uncertainty.



Choosing Faith Over Fear

In these uncertain times, it’s pretty natural to feel a sense of fear. The Bible says ‘fear not’, but that’s easier said than done, right? Unless… we stand on the encouraging promises of God’s Word. Follow along on YouVersion with this free seven-day devotional based on writings from the UCB Word For Today, and see how God encourages us to choose faith over fear.



Why We Need God’s Word

God’s Word is more powerful than our circumstances. By reading the Bible, we discover the faithfulness of God to overcome danger, pain, sin, and even death. We need tools to get into God’s Word so that when trouble comes, we know where to turn. Taken from the UCB Word For You devotionals, this Bible series will remind you to stand on God’s Word no matter what life brings.



When You're Discouraged...

What do you do when you’re feeling discouraged? It’s so easy to lose hope, but this free daily devotional provides encouraging Bible verses and reflections, reminding us to stand on God’s promises in overwhelming times. Join us through seven days of inspiring devotionals from the UCB Word For Today to help shift your perspective and deal with discouragement.



When it hurts...

Compiled from the Word For You – UCB's daily devotional for young adults – this 10-day reading plan takes you through challenging and comforting reflections on God's Word to help you get through times when life hurts.




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Copyright notice
©2020: Readings taken from the UCB Word For Today, written by Bob and Debby Gass. The UCB Word For Today is a devotional produced by UCB, free of charge through the generosity of our supporters. As a gift to the body of Christ, permission is given to churches and Christian organisations to copy up to a maximum of 52 daily excerpts per year. Excerpts must acknowledge the UCB Word For Today as the source, give the UCB address and inform that free issues of the daily devotional are available for the UK and Republic of Ireland.

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The UCB Word For Today is written by Bob and Debby Gass. Bob passed away in 2019, but before he was ‘promoted to glory’ (as Bob would have said), he began a long writing project which would mean this devotional could continue long after he was gone. Thanks to this planned provision, we believe that Bob’s legacy will ensure that the UCB Word For Today will reach even more people in the years to come than it has over the last 25 years.