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How to avoid being  the victim of a scam

All of UCB’s devotionals and resources are distributed freely, in print, online, on Social Media and across lots of other platforms. A big part of our mission is to make sure that anyone in any place at any time, can receive access to God’s Word and encouraging truth that will help them on their faith journey.  However, because our materials are available so freely, sometimes they can be misused by people who might not have good intentions.  Occasionally, we receive letters and emails from people who have received something which appeared to be from UCB, but was from someone (not connected to UCB) who was misusing UCB’s name and logo.


This is often outside of UCB’s control, but we want to clarify what UCB will do and what we don’t do, to help you avoid being tricked or scammed by someone with ill-intent.


What UCB will do

  • UCB complies with all applicable laws and regulations concerning the protection of your data and privacy.  Please see our privacy policy for more details on this


  • We will always strive to show integrity in all of our communications with you.  An encounter with a UCB team member or volunteer should always be a warm and welcoming experience. 


  • We aim to deal with any issues or complaints quickly and efficiently.  Our ‘heart’ is to ensure that any problems are dealt with promptly and with grace.



What UCB won’t do

  • Unless you are specifically donating to UCB’s ministry, we will never ask you for your bank or financial information.  If you receive an email or phone call or any kind of communication from a person/group using UCB’s name and are unsure, please email or ring our Supporter Care Team on 01782 911 000. We will be able to easily confirm whether the communication you have received is genuinely from UCB (or not).


  • We won’t put leaflets or any kind of unsolicited communications through your door. If you have unexpectedly received a copy of a UCB publication, it may be that a local group or individual has sent it to you.  Although we love it when our materials are shared, we encourage our readers and supporters to only pass on UCB’s devotionals/resources to friends and contacts who would like to receive them. 


  • UCB is a charity and doesn’t offer grants or any kind of funding to individuals or organisations.  If you receive any communication which appear to be from UCB, inviting you to apply for a grant or funding, it won’t be from UCB.  If this has happened, please get in touch by emailing or ringing our Support Team on 01782 911 000.


  • We only allow organisations to use our name and logo, if we know and trust the organisation.  If you have received something which has a UCB logo on it, but it doesn’t appear to be legitimate, please send the details to or ring our Supporter Care Team on 01782 911 000 and we will be happy to confirm if this is an organisation or group we partner with.   


If in doubt about anything you have seen or received, please do get in touch.