Anne Henderson

I always think it’s important to start each morning the right way, so what better way to begin the day than with praise and worship music to focus on God, praying for each other and our world, bible teaching from Derek Prince at 5.30am, Word for Today at 7.40am, a Question of the Day, Bible promise at 8.15am and a school run song at 8.35am. Start each day knowing God is always there and, whatever the day holds, He will be at the centre of it.

Samuel Ball

I present UCB 2’s Daily Update Programme. Each weekday we take a look at the news from a Christian perspective, interview people from all aspects of the church and test your knowledge with quizzes and competitions. From scripture, we take inspiration with a daily promise and hear from speakers such as Bob Gass and Steve Uppal.

It’s my pleasure and privilege to bring you a programme with great Christian content that we can all be uplifted by and strengthened as we walk this journey together.

Mike Rimmer

Christian music played an important part in how I became a Christian so I have always believed in the power of the music we play on UCB to speak to lives and change hearts because that’s happened to me! I enjoy playing the tracks on the Album Show because it allows us to go a bit deeper and discover an even greater variety of faith-inspired music.

Dave Tanner

I’m Dave and I present Jukebox Memories on Thursday nights which features one hour of old-school Christian tracks.  I also host The Sunday Show, keeping you company as you make your way to church or wrestle with a roast chicken. 

At my church in Nottingham I lead worship and I’m passionate about helping people come into the presence of our majestic God.  I’m also a husband, a Dad and mad keen on golf - the greatest sport in the world. What do you mean it’s not a real sport?