Giving Thanks for stories of God changing lives for good

‘I will give thanks to you Lord, with all my heart. I will tell of all your wonderful deeds.’ Psalm 9:1


Steph was a single mum and had been on her own for a few years. She says “UCB has pretty much always been part of that journey.” UCB Radio “is always on in the kitchen, because that’s the heart of the home. Living with three kids on my own, it was quite tough, so I’d have UCB on and that banter would help out quite a lot. I was of the firm belief that I was going to be a single mum forever.”

Mike was a single dad after his marriage had left him quite broken but he “always knew that God had a plan”. He started listening to UCB Radio on his way to work, which led him to tweet into the show and there he noticed Steph’s tweets. “I firmly believe that God brought us together and I’m just going to follow.”

Watch Mike and Steph’s video to hear how UCB radio not only brought them closer to God, but also to each other.

Mike and Steph's story

At UCB, we are thankful to God and also to each one of our readers, listeners and viewers who take the time to pray for our ministry, and also to give generously.  With God’s direction and your support, together we can help more people draw closer to God and be thankful for all He provides.

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 In case you’ve missed them, here’s the videos we shared last quarter:

Saved from self-harm and given a new purpose - Beccy Cox

‘I remember thinking…‘I can’t control anything around me right now’…[But] going back to it I could see what He’d done…The whole way through I knew He was there.’



Christina Sweeney's story - purpose

God had the purpose of my life into being a living testimony, a living demonstration of what work He can do. It’s made me stronger knowing that I have a purpose.’ ​


2018 014 Paul Belton Word For Today Testimony

‘The Lord had said “Paul, it’s my plan, I just want you to be obedient” and it’s wonderful and it’s been transformational in my life…and I’m just going to keep listening.’



God's purpose, in the middle of tragedy

‘I said to the Lord, whatever I’ve gone through, please will You use it for good.’ ​



Church Ambassador Margaret speaking at an event


We also have three amazing church ambassadors who have great stories of what God has done in their lives,
you can hear their stories, and you can also book them to speak at your church – for more information click here.