During the 40 days of Lent, it can be an incredible opportunity to draw closer to God, bask in His presence and experience His love.

Lent is traditionally the time that Christians prepare their hearts for Easter. Some people may choose to give something up, as a form of fasting,
others might choose to take up a new, positive habit.

Here at UCB, we want to encourage you to use this time to go further in your faith. You might choose to give something up, but why not consider
taking up the daily habit of time with God, doing a weekly Bible study, spending extra time in prayer, to help deeper your relationship with God and His Word?


Here’s some resources to help you do that.



Video stories of lives changed by the power of God’s Word;


To hear more stories of lives changed by God's word click here.



Lent Prayer calendar

Pray for…

Mar 22: a positive outlook on life. Tell God everything you are thankful for today.

Mar 23: those who find themselves in a really difficult situation today. Ask God to reassure them.

Mar 24: the opportunity to make life better for one person today.

Mar 25: God’s help in moving on from anything from the past you feel is holding you back.

Mar 26: a willingness to keep changing, growing and learning.

Mar 27: For strength to tackle difficult relationships

Mar 28: a loving attitude to all those you see today.

Mar 29: Jesus to be your role model for life.

Mar 30: For an opportunity to share the true meaning of Easter with someone today

Mar 31: Thank God for the amazing sacrifice of his son