My weakness is my honour

I am incredibly wound up by, in love with, uplifted, and constantly confounded by music. Every so often a track or a whole album comes along that I get completely taken over by; it’s all I can think about, the only songs I can listen to – almost the only thing I can see, never mind think of.

I recently discovered an album that has taken over my every thought, every car journey, sitting at my desk in my headphones - my entire soul. In this case it’s a good thing as it’s an album of synth pop beauty framed with incredible production and great song writing, and unswervingly moving Christian sentiment. A singer crying out to herself, to us the listener, to go deeper, to love ourselves, to hunger, hunt, and desire after God.

On many occasions I find myself obsessed with things that are not so positive, not so uplifting, however this is not about to challenging you to throw out all your non-Christian music or films or whatever - I don’t necessarily believe in that. We must not ignore the stuff that exists outside our bubble; but we should ensure we’re aware and prepared for the alternative and the separated. These are the places where Jesus walked. These are the places where he called me from. That is where the marginalised, the needy, the heartbroken are waiting for someone to come alongside and show them some love.


This record sparked something. God points directly to a truth through a few simple words:


‘My weakness is my honour not my shame
Leaning is my portion not my pain'


Hearing these lyrics for the first time was like one of those quick zooms you get in a film when someone has a realisation and the camera immediately jumps to a close up. I suddenly hit on the full realisation of what it means when people say ‘you have to let go and let God take charge’.

How do I ‘let go of everything and let you do it, God?’ Point is, you don’t. All you have to do is realise that it’s okay to be vulnerable. It’s in this place where we find our confidence, trust, and security. It’s where we learn real maturity.


‘Sometimes my very best is only my weakest
You see strength in every movement’


All He wants is for us to love ourselves, then each other, in the way that He loved us. That is His way into our hearts, and our way to take Him into the hearts of others.

Becoming obsessed with a song is fine but you must make a way for other things to get in; to cover yourself with godly things, to make sure you are living in the Scriptures - not just reading, but looking for meaning, praying on what you read, asking God to speak.

Make your relationship with Him your obsession. Give Him your weakness and He will be your strength and shield you from the things you may need to deal with in order to love those who might not otherwise be found.


Benn Price

The record Benn's loving on is Blackout by Steffany Gretzinger. Is there an album, or track, that God’s used to change your life? We want to feature some of your stories – email them to

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