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Meet: Seeker & Servant

Brothers Cameron and Chandler, also known as Seeker & Servant, chatted to Matt Dick on UCB 2 about how their name came about and their brand new album, The String Club.


How did Seeker & Servant begin?

Seeker & Servant began in 2012, so it’s been about five years. We’ve been writing together for a while as we’re brothers. We’ve always had a passion for playing music and the Lord just gave that to us at a young age. We had this opportunity to play worship music for a church that we were starting in our area. And then that gave us the idea to start Seeker & Servant and it just kind of happened; we took cues from the Lord as He was giving them to us. We didn’t expect what it is today, but we’re thankful for it and we’re just going where He takes us.


Where did the name Seeker & Servant come from?

It’s actually kind of a providential thing. Obviously choosing a name for any band, whether worship or secular, is kind of a big deal as it’s the mark of what you represent. And honestly it just fell into our lap. We like to say that the name represents who we are as Christians. We are seeking the Lord continuously in our lives, but we’re also serving others and that’s really what Seeker & Servant is all about.


This is the fourth album you’ve done together, but it seems completely different from what you’ve done before. You’ve taken songs from previous albums and done them in a string arrangement. How did that decision come about?

Cameron and I always wanted to do something that’s like a cinematic, complete string album and we just leapt at it a while back, and somehow randomly it came up again. On our first two records, we had mimicking strings because it was harder for us to get string players on the record, but once we developed a relationship with a couple of string players, that helped us to be able to create what we had imagined. We basically pulled up the old files from the previous records that didn’t have strings and got the guys who were playing strings to record over them. We just thought it would take on a new life. All these songs sound completely different which makes for a really good worship experience.  


The first song to be released was called ‘In Awe’. Tell us a little bit about the story behind that song.

‘In Awe’ was actually the first thing that we ever produced and pushed as Seeker & Servant. In fact, the very first video that we had on our YouTube page or anything that we pushed on social media, was us doing an acoustic version of that song on video. It was the first single that we ended up releasing on our first record, and it’s really been a song that has just stuck with us since then. ‘In Awe’ is really just simple. It’s admiration to our Creator and being in awe of everything that He has done; not only creation but in our lives.


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