Meet: Paul Larcombe

We chatted to presenter Paul Larcombe to find out about his show and his faith.


What’s your favourite thing about being a radio presenter?

I love that God has given me this opportunity to minister to people using my voice. I’ve been helping UCB for twenty years, but never expected to be doing presenting. 

What kind of things can listeners expect to hear in your show, Great Hymns?

We have a good balance of traditional choir hymns, as well as hymns performed by various singers. There’s also prayers and plenty of faith thoughts. I feature a couple of hymns each week, which means that I give some background on the history of the hymns, how they were written and the circumstances that inspired the writer. 

Why do you think that Christian radio so important?

It’s a great place for people to come to be encouraged and where we as Christians can express and communicate our faith. It’s amazing that we have national coverage through DAB radio and the Internet.

Last year, you mentioned that you participated in #NaNoWriMo. How did that go? Did you enjoy the process?

#NaNoWriMo ( encourages people to write a 50,000 word novel within the month of November. I was inspired to have a go and I’m pleased to say that I achieved it. The main thing I learnt was to turn off my inner critic – just to write and keep writing, without going back to read and edit it. I found it an amazing experience and it developed a flow that I have never experienced before. I would have enjoyed it more if I had written around 1,600 words a day, but it clashed with a University assignment and I ended up writing 4,000 words a day towards the end! At the moment it’s a first draft and I’m not sure whether it will ever be published. The important thing is that I now know I can write a novel, and it’s given me the confidence to keep trying.

What’s your favourite Bible verse?

It’s got to be John 10:10b, ‘I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full’ (NIV). I love the fullness of life that Jesus is expressing here. There seems to be an overflowing of joy, faith and peace that Jesus wants for us. 

How do you like to spend time with God?

I’ve got a special chair downstairs which looks out upon our garden. I love to sit in it first thing in the morning and read the Bible and pray. I keep a journal, which I find a great way to look back at prayers and to look forward with faith. 


You can tune in to Paul’s show, Great Hymns, every Sunday at 8pm on UCB 2. Listen on DAB radio or via the UCB Player app.

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