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Meet: Elevation Worship

 Big Church Day Out is just around the corner, and this year, for the first time, Elevation Worship will be joining the line-up. We asked worship leader Chris Brown to tell us a bit more about Elevation Worship, and why they’re looking forward to Big Church Day Out.  


Your latest album was released last year, Hallelujah Here Below - what’s the reaction been like to it? Do you have a favourite track on the album?

We’ve been very grateful for the response we’ve seen to these new songs. First and foremost, we’ve heard from so many that they are ministering to them personally and that the album has helped usher in God’s presence in their own life. It also seems that these songs have already become useful in churches, as worship leaders are placing them in their setlists, which is absolutely humbling and exciting to know that some of these same songs that have been sung in our own church for a year now are finding their way into other congregations.  

You’re coming over to the UK in the summer for Big Church Day Out. What are you most looking forward to about it?

Well, we’ve never been so that’s exciting in itself! We’ve had friends play Big Church Day Out who have said what an unbelievable time it is, and we can’t wait to get over there and experience it for ourselves. Plus, any chance we have to play alongside other artists and friends is icing on the cake.

Besides music, how do you like to connect with God?

Well I’m a dad of two kids, so for starters I’d say I see God in conversations with them regularly, find Him showing up on the trampoline or on a hike with them as we chat about anything. It’s a beautiful thing to be a parent. In the same breath, I’d say as a parent of young kids, I also value quiet time! So I cherish early mornings alone connecting with God through reading. 

Why do you think worship music is important?

There are so many ways to worship God, but music can be such a heartfelt expression of worship. I believe it’s a beautiful thing that through music, we’re able to continue a tradition that’s existed in Church for thousands of years, not to mention the many times we see in Scripture that God has commanded us to worship Him and respond to His majesty, holiness and faithfulness through music. 

Your songs are being sung in churches all over the world. Have you got any stories of how they are impacting people?

The fact that the songs we’ve written for our church are being used in other churches is still unbelievable to us. We feel so honoured, and count it one of the highest privileges that others would find our songs suitable to help usher in God’s presence in their weekly contexts. We’re encouraged every time we hear of a song touching someone’s life in another part of the world. Recently we got a story in from a guy in Chennai, India, who was in the middle of some very difficult life circumstances, when he decided to try church as a bit of a last resort. When he walked in the church was singing ‘O Come To The Altar’, and he felt acceptance in that moment through the song, when he had been experiencing rejection in his world. He went on to get plugged in to the church community and began seeing God work in his life as his situation started turning around. 


What advice would you give to aspiring songwriters and musicians?

Never stop learning from others! Never stop growing and developing your craft. But don’t waste time comparing yourself to others’ gifts or successes. Become the best and continue offering an EXCELLENT gift to the Lord and He will be pleased in it. 

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