Becs recently joined our team of presenters here at UCB, and hosts the Drive show on UCB1.
We chatted to Becs to find out more about her and what she does.


Can you tell us a bit about what your job involves each day?

My job as drive time presenter involves seeing what’s happening in the news, finding quirky little stories, looking at particular talk topics that might interest our listeners. It’s trying to find a healthy mix between serious news information stories as well as light-hearted, fun stuff. You’re driving people home, they want to have a bit of a giggle, a bit of fun. I try to plan a show around that, and then jump on air at about 4 o’clock and talk for 3 hours. That’s probably the best way to describe it.

Why do you think Christian radio is important?

I think in the media landscape there’s such a negative voice, whether it’s tearing people down, or making people feel like they’re not good enough, or saying they should look, talk, or sound a certain way. I think it’s really important to have a positive voice coming through that’s sharing not only the hope and the faith that we have in Christ Jesus, but also putting a message of hope into people’s days.

If you weren’t a presenter, what job do you think you’d be doing?

I think I would probably be working in a communications role, getting stories out, particularly around child brides and the sex slavery, and telling the stories of those who have been rescued in a way that makes people stop and realise that human trafficking is happening and is something we need to be paying attention to.

How do you make sure that you spend time with God each day?

I have an hour set aside for doing a daily devotion that I have on my phone, as well as spending time praying. I tend to go on the Open Doors website to see what their prayer points are as well, and try to pray for them. It stops me focusing just on me and helps me think about the bigger world. I find if I don’t do it, I tend to feel like I’ve missed something, like I’ve forgotten to put an article of clothing on. It’s a natural part of my daily routine now.

Is there a Bible verse that really speaks to you?

It would probably be Ephesians 3:20, which says that for all of your hopes and dreams, God can do immeasurably more, infinitely more than what you can ever think or dream of. Whatever you imagine in your life, God’s dreams for you are infinitely bigger than you can even imagine.

Can you tell us about a time when you really felt God guiding you?

I was still living on the Gold Coast, working in Christian breakfast radio, part of an amazing church, and I’d had this call on my life to move to the UK. I was driving home from church one day, saying ‘but God, you’re asking me to give up this amazing job and this amazing church.’ And I just remember this little voice inside my head going ‘yeah, but Bec, whatever you’ve got here, trust Me, in England, it’s going to be infinitely bigger and better than what you already have. Just trust Me and make that leap.’ And He was right!