Queen's Platinum Jubilee
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To honour The Queen's Platinum Jubilee, UCB has produced a special 30-day book of Bible-based readings taken from the UCB Word For Today. It looks at subjects such as faithfulness, service, and honour, and it's ideal for personal Bible study or could be used at Jubilee-themed events and street parties.

The booklets are free to order, although we ask you to cover postage and packing costs. You can also add an optional donation during the ordering process if you would like to, which will help cover the production costs. If you would rather not give a donation, scroll down and choose 'no donation' in the second drop-down menu.

About this devotional

Packed with Godly wisdom to help you study the Bible, grow in faith, and lean on God's strength as you follow your calling, A Life of Devotion uses God’s Word – through the UCB Word For Today – to speak words of truth into our lives. If you would like to be encouraged by the regular daily devotionals from Bob and Debby Gass, you can sign up for the UCB Word For Today to be delivered right to your home.

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