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iSee - 2020


In 2016, during a meeting, a prophetic word was given by UCB’s CEO, David L’Herroux.

It paints a picture of an extraordinary future where lives, towns and cities are transformed by the power of God’s Word, where people of all ages rediscover their purpose, where society is changed because churches walk tall in confidence and with compassion.

At UCB, we believe that God is getting the world ready for something new, something that will powerfully change lives.  

We believe He wants to open our eyes, to see, as Jesus said, that ‘the fields are white for harvest’ (John 4:35, paraphrased), and that when we turn our eyes from the reports of gloom and despondency, we will begin to get a glimpse of the extraordinary. 

And so, ‘I see’ is not just a glimpse of a remarkable future, it’s also a call to action. 

It’s an urgent reminder that in divided and turbulent times, the world needs hope and transformation more than ever. 

It’s a compelling reminder to believers to ask God for something new, to get deeper into their Bibles, to share their stories, and to reach out to their communities like never before.

Imagine what it could look like if revival became an everyday experience for you, your family, your street, and your workplace.

As the saying goes, ‘the future is bright’. But with the transforming power of God, the future is not only bright, it is extraordinary.



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iSee is a glimpse of a future where homes and hearts are transformed by the power of God’s Word.