How to Pray


Prayer is an important part of Christian life, but when we’re new to it (or even if we’re not), we can struggle to know how to pray. We asked Kamala-Jane from trypraying to share some advice on how to talk to God.


Back in 1983, before the internet and smart phones, I was given a digital watch for my birthday. I loved that watch and wore it all the time. Then one day, I pressed the buttons – and instead of the clock, I accessed a new screen – kind of like a TV screen. The more I pressed the buttons, the further I could go, screen by screen. It was an amazing feeling ­– a whole new world, opening up in front of my eyes. And then I woke up. It was all a dream! I was so disappointed. It was obvious that even as an 8- year-old I dreamt of going beyond my own little world.

This is why we love the internet: endless worlds to explore, people to connect with – something outside of our own reality. It’s very powerful, but it will never be fully satisfying – for one simple reason. The reason is that the hunger inside of us is actually a hunger for God. He is the only one who can properly satisfy that hunger in our hearts. One of the best ways that we can get closer to God is by praying.

You can pray to Him at any time, in any place, about anything. Praying is easy, but like any relationship, it takes a bit of time and a bit of effort.


1. Log-in

Starting a new account can be a pain – you have to get logged-in. The Bible says ‘come near to God, and he will come near to you’ (James 4:8 NIV). Don’t put off getting started. Talk to God. Use your own words, or you could try praying something like this: ‘God if you’re there and I’m not sure you are, but if you are I want to know you, I don’t want to fool myself, I really want to know you.’


2. Create your own content

Some people want to follow what others are doing online, but never participate themselves. When you pray, you need to join in and say something – talk about your big issue –   like what, or who, is on your mind. Jesus taught his followers – don’t show off about praying, go into your room and close the door – and talk to your Father in heaven: He’s listening.


3. Be prepared to receive content

God answers our prayers – but not always in the way we expect or want. Sometimes the answer is yes, sometimes no and sometimes not yet. But whatever the answer is, God speaks to us all the time – into our hearts and minds. Sometimes He uses the words of another person, or the words in the Bible, or a moment in a movie, or a beautiful view – God can talk through all kinds of things.


4. Share it

When you pray it means you’re starting to spend more time with the God who made you. The more time you spend with Him, the more you will become the person you were truly meant to be. You will share the love of Jesus with others without even realising it…


For more info on how to pray, go to and download the free app, or order a free booklet.

Throughout the year, UCB Radio holds Prayer Breakthrough days. They’re an opportunity for people to get in touch and share their prayer requests and for us to pray for each other. Why not join us for the next one – tune in to UCB 2 on 7th June.

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