Heading off to Uni?

You’re going to university! You’ve checked out which halls you’ll be in, got your fancy dress outfits sorted and getting ready to stuff the car full of pots and pans. For many, university is one of the biggest transitions of life so far and it’s a huge investment of time and money, so taking time to prepare before you go makes sense. We believe that God will speak to you and highlight things, so be as open and vulnerable as you dare whilst you prepare for university life! 

When you start university you’ll be confronted with lots of opportunities and choices. Now is the time to start anticipating those and think about what choices you’ll make. There are some areas of student culture which are the biggest battlegrounds, but are full of opportunities for fun, friendship and faith to be shared in a natural way. Nights out, relationships and studying all provide a huge opportunity for you to show your mates who Jesus is and live differently from the student norm. This is your time to embrace opportunities, lay strong foundations and discover what it looks like to have God walk with you through it all. 

Never before has a student generation had so many choices and so much to consume. Part of growing up is making choices and living with the consequences. We all need to make a choice about how we’re going to live and who for. University is a time when this can really be discovered.  You have at least three or four years to get a degree, pursue some extra-curricular activities, embrace the responsibilities of adulthood and hopefully make an impact on one of the most clearly defined, largest and least reached people groups - students. Get stuck in and see what’s possible!

For a Christian, being fully integrated in to the church family is a lifelong commitment. The university years are not a season for time out, rather an opportunity to move from being a youth to an adult in the church family growing in your faith. It’s not just about hanging out with people your age but embracing the generations and taking responsibility for pioneering church. What kind of church do you want to be a part of when you get to university? Your local church teaching and discipleship should validate, affirm and strengthen your identity in Christ. Lots of local churches offer small groups for students to be a part of and help lead. These are a great opportunity to learn more about the Bible, draw closer to God and to serve those in your new community. 

You have an incredible opportunity and now is the time to gear up and get ready. Ask God where He wants you at university and who He wants you to be. The opportunities are endless and God is with you every step of the way. 

If you’re going to university this year, download the Student Linkup app free on iPhone and Android. You can search for churches near to your uni, look at their profiles to find out more about them and message them to chat to their student worker. You can check out loads of free videos and resources for students on there.  If you liked this and want more preparation for uni, check out the Student Linkup box which is available from Fusion for 360º preparation for uni life.

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