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God is the strength of my heart

We caught up with UCB presenter Chloe Wilson, to get to know more about her and her faith.


Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I recently got married so I’m currently finding my feet as a wife! My husband is a big car fan so I spend a lot of time convincing him that he doesn’t need to buy any more car parts, which often get delivered to my desk here at UCB… I absolutely love food – I come from a family of incredible cooks and I love trying new recipes. I play the piano and the harp, although I haven’t got enough room in my house for my harp so I miss playing that a lot! We’re hoping to buy a house soon so my husband can have his garage if I can have somewhere to store my harp.


What’s your favourite scripture in the Bible and why? 

Without a doubt Psalm 73 v 26. I have a charm bracelet with the verse reference inscribed on one of the little links because I’m hopeless at remembering where verses are from. It talks about God being the strength of my heart. I remember it being preached on and that verse was a turning point in my life. Without God, my heart would not be beating. I need to be reminded that it’s all about Him, that it’s nothing that I do and that verse sums it up perfectly. 


Can you tell us the heart behind your show?

I want to be a friend to anyone who listens – I’ve always been a people person and if I can put a smile on one person’s face then I’ve done my job. I do talk about food a lot but Christians are often found with lots of food, so that’s my excuse. The afternoons can be a bit of a slog as you wait for the day to end so I want to encourage you, whether it’s through hearing about new artists or exploring the book of psalms together. 


Your show is called afternoon praise, tell us what song is speaking to you at the moment on UCB 2 playlist and why?

When I was asking this question, that very song was playing on UCB 2 – I love God’s sense of humour! It’s KXC – Sing It Out (He’s Alive). We need to sing out that Christ is alive and we don’t do it enough. It’s a firm favourite because the music is strong and the drum beat is powerful and that helps me to sing it out very loudly, just maybe not very tunefully… Sometimes we need that reminder that Christ defeated death – if He didn’t then Christianity would not exist. The first verse is a powerful picture of what He had to go through, but the chorus turns the verse into a celebration.


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