I preached my first sermon when I was 13 but years later on my wedding day, we received a prophetic word which said God would use my writing to reach more people, than words spoken in the pulpit. It has been an extraordinary blessing to see how God has used the UCB Word for Today since then, to reach millions of people around the world. God continues to make himself known through the ‘power of a story’.’

Bob has been writing the daily devotional, the UCB Word For Today, since 1994.
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Bob Gass says:
'I wrote the first edition of the UCB Word For Today for United Christian Broadcasters who were launching a vision to pioneer Christian radio in the UK. The first edition was 3,000 copies. We didn’t even know if we’d have the money to print the next edition. Today, there are millions of copies all over the world.'


Bob Gass is a long-standing partner of UCB and has been instrumental in supporting Christian Radio in the UK.