Bag of Hope - Share the hope of Jesus this Halloween


The all new Halloween Bag of Hope, in partnership with OneHope and World Vision

Picture the scene. It’s October 31, the night is drawing in and your doorbell rings. You know it’ll probably be Trick or Treaters and you have two choices. You can pretend to not be in (dim the lights, quick!) or you can greet your callers with a big smile and the brand new FREE bag of Hope from UCB, One Hope and World Vision.

Each bag contains a full colour Bible-based booklet (suitable for children aged about 5-10) and an activity sheet.  If you were planning on offering sweets, you can drop those in the bag too. It’s a great way to bring the light of God’s love into an evening which traditionally draws attention to darkness.

UCB’s Bag of Hope is free, although we ask you to pay a postage and packing charge. Bag of Hope can only be shipped to address within the UK only. You can order 5 Bags of Hope or 500* – just fill in the order form below, pay the postage cost (which is calculated at the checkout) and get ready to share hope with your Halloween visitors this year.

*If you require more than a 100 bags please contact our Supporter Care team on 01782 911 000

Order your Bag of Hope

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