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Every year, UCB distributes over 100,000 Bags of Hope, each with a Bible-based booklet from our friends at OneHope. Many churches order the bags and books to give to children at Halloween light parties and other church events. This year, due to the ongoing uncertainty caused by Covid-19, we aren't printing physical Bags of Hope, but we still want to make these resources available to you.

Below, you'll find links to an eReader copy of a Book of Hope as well as some colouring sheets and resources for kids. You can also take a look at some of the great children's activities available from our friends at World Vision.



Read The Big Rescue

Use the white arrows on the left and right-hand sides to turn the pages. You can also download the file by clicking the icon in the upper left-hand corner.



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Downloadable colouring sheets

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Bible App Colouring Sheets
Bible App Colouring Sheets


Christian alternatives to Halloween

Get your free resources online from World Vision