Radio perched on a window ledge

Andrea's Story

I’m 42 years old, married with a lovely three-year-old daughter. I became a Christian when I was 28, and my life has definitely been a series of adventures and mountains to climb since then. However, in my early 30s, I suffered a severe case of depression. At the time, I had great support from my doctor and friends and family (not to mention some real prayer warriors), but I experienced some very dark days, including occasional thoughts of suicide. But thank God, that He brought me through.  I had occasional bouts of depression after that, but I had a very traumatic birth with my daughter and this catapulted me into postnatal stress disorder, bordering on postpartum psychosis. 

This affected me severely in the first 6 months and to a lesser degree for the next 18 months. As anyone who has had a baby will know, it’s a very demanding tiring time. Even for the strongest of people it’s tough going, but this debilitating illness made it nearly impossible for me. Fortunately I had help from professionals and many kind friends and family.

Due to the good support, guidance and help I got, I am recovered and doing well. Although I have recovered and am leading a normal life now as a full-time mum, I still battle with my mind. It can easily spiral into a dark negative place that zaps my energy and motivation for anything. I find the mornings particularly hard (it has never been my strongest part of the day) and it can be really tough to get going.   

I have always had UCB radio on in the house, but now I have it on my bedside table as my alarm clock. I find that waking up to worship songs is a real lift. It immediately gives me a peace and strength which reassures me that God is there to help me through the day. 

Last year I lost my mum to cancer. She was a lively, active lady, and it was very sudden and a real shock to us all. My dad has Alzheimer’s disease and poor mobility, and is now on his own 100 miles from us. So once again these last 12 months have been a very difficult, testing time. However, God is with us through everything, and in these especially difficult times, I see God more clearly and feel Him more closely, and He has provided us with what we have needed during this time. 

Being able to switch the radio on and hear words of Scripture, praise songs, godly conversation and testimonies is such a wonderful thing. I love to hear other people’s stories, as it reminds me I’m not on my own, we all have different struggles. As a mum of a toddler I don’t have endless hours to read my Bible and sometimes even my Sundays at church can be distracted, but I find I get nourishment from the teaching and guidance through UCB. The presenters share their lives honestly; the ups and downs, the highs and lows. It makes me feel like part of the family.

Hearing others’ stories of how they have come through the stormy season gives me hope and encouragement.  I get so much enjoyment and support every day from UCB, and maybe my sharing will help someone else.


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