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Personal growth (2)

25 January 2021
‘The LORD gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.’

If we want to experience personal growth, there are four things we’ll need: 1) The right environment. We need to place ourselves in settings that encourage growth. Certain fish grow according to the size of their surroundings. If they’re kept in a small tank, they stay small, but if they’re released into the ocean, they can grow to their intended size. The same idea can apply to us. We need to spend time in an environment that allows us the space, the resources and the desire to stretch ourselves and grow. 2) Understanding of our strengths. If we try to be good at everything, we’ll end up being good at nothing. God gave each of us specific strengths. We need to first of all identify them, then focus on them and use them. 3) A willingness to change. We can be resistant to change. Most of us want things to get better without having to change anything. The Bible says, ‘Let us…be taken forward to maturity’ (Hebrews 6:1 NIV). To grow, we must accept change, and also commit ourselves to actively pursuing it. 4) Enjoyment. Personal growth is something that takes our whole lives. If we’re really committed to it, we’ll always find ways to grow and things to improve. So if we’re going to spend that much time doing something, it’s best that we enjoy what we’re doing. ‘God wants all people to eat and drink and be happy in their work, which are gifts from God’ (Ecclesiastes 3:13 NCV). If we’re not enjoying it, it’s a good idea to talk to God about it to make sure we’re on the right path. Personal growth can be an exciting journey, so let’s start embracing it.

What Now?

Pray about each of those points in today’s reading – pray for an environment that encourages you to grow, ask God to help you focus on your strengths, pray that you’d be open to change, and pray that you would enjoy the journey to personal growth.

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