I thought I had the regular flu, so I took flu medication and hoped everything would be okay. Four days passed and I was not getting better. I was weak, bed-bound and unable to eat much. It felt like my whole body was on fire - every part of me was hurting. I drank some water because I was hardly drinking or eating and I felt thirsty. After drinking the water, I began vomiting all over my bed. So my parents took me to A&E. Thankfully, even though it was busy, they attended to me quite quickly and started the procedure of finding out what was wrong.

I lay on the bed and thought ‘not again’, because I had a similar episode five years ago, where I was hospitalised for eight days after having severe body pains and several other symptoms. The doctors couldn’t diagnose what was wrong with me then. Fear crept in and I started thinking, ‘What if they cannot diagnose me again?’ I was upset and wondered why God would allow this to happen again when He knew how horrible the last experience was.

As I stayed in hospital, my symptoms got worse. My legs were swollen from my knees down to my feet. It was painful and I couldn’t walk unless I had some form of support, like using the IV drip stand or a walking frame. All I could think was ‘Why?’ I was low in spirit, but my mother told me to be positive and believe God for healing. She was right – just because I was unwell, I shouldn’t give up and lose all my faith and hope in God.

I remembered the last time I was at hospital, my uncle suggested I should drink blackcurrant juice, but imagine it was the blood of Jesus and take it in faith as communion any time I felt ill. I was desperate to leave hospital and get better, so in faith on my hospital bed, I poured the blackcurrant juice into a cup, prayed over it, and drank it in faith as Jesus commanded us to take Holy Communion. I declared in faith that tomorrow when I woke up, I would be able to walk on my feet without any support.

I woke up in the night and needed to go to the toilet. I swung my feet to the ground and tried to stand up. I began taking some steps and my legs felt better. I continued walking to the toilet and the elderly lady in the bay opposite me was looking at me in amazement that I was walking without any support. I had peace in my heart, like a confirmation from God that He’d answered my prayers and the blood of our saviour Jesus Christ was making me whole. I listened to worship music and praised God for His healing power and faithfulness, for hearing my cry and coming to my rescue.

From this point, I had confidence in God that I would get better. I declared to my parents, ‘I know God will allow me to be discharged today.’ I began repacking my hospital bag and waited in expectation. They discharged me that evening. I was overjoyed; I realised how my small faith in God had brought results. I felt much better and my faith had been made stronger.

Since then, I have gone back for routine checks and the doctors are trying to confirm a diagnosis of an autoimmune disease. I am currently taking medication. I was devastated at first, but I am now confident that God will heal me completely.

I was led by the Holy Spirit to say a Scripture in faith as I take the daily medication. I say Jeremiah 17:14: ‘Heal me, Lord, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for you are the one I praise’ (NIV). I am trusting and believing God for healing. I hope I’ll be able to testify about His healing power and goodness again soon. It’s not been easy, but God’s been with me every step of the way. Even when I feel like nothing is happening, I know He’s working in the background.