Blindfolded In A Sweet Shop

‘But who can discern their own errors?’ Psalm 19:12 NIV

Traversing the world with our desires leading us, we can churn up a right mess in our wake. At our worst, we’re like kids dropped blindfolded into a sweet shop: rifling around for our favourite sweets while trashing the place. We only see what makes us feel good, and we don’t see who we hurt or the mess we left getting to it. When someone takes the blindfold off and shows us the mess, we inevitably feel helpless and humiliated; but then what? We’re back into the same routine of letting our desires lead us. Paul the apostle knew that he committed sins without knowing (1 Corinthians 4:4). But he knew that God alone knew his every wrong, and – this is what kept him from insanity, probably – that God had chosen to disregard his sins because of Jesus. Paul didn’t have to remember every single sin to know that God had forgiven him for them all. The psalmist who wrote today’s verse finished off their thought like this: ‘Declare me innocent from hidden faults’ (ESV). They knew that they couldn’t make out every sin that they did – but they knew that God could free them anyway. And what did they do? They asked that God would lead them out from even the sins they couldn’t see. This doesn’t mean that the mess they’d made, or those they’d hurt, would stop existing. But it does mean that their half-desires didn’t have to lead them any more – now that they connected back to the true centre of all desire, God. What Now? Get brave. Fearlessly, ask God to show you your hidden faults, and ask Him to deal with them.

 2 Chron 23-24, Acts 26




Alternative daily encouragement from UCB, adapted from the Word For Today.

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