Nope. No. No can do.

‘I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me...’ Philippians 3:14 NIV

Hold onto your pyjamas, we’re about to get wack up in here. Believe it or not, even people deciding to live generously are allowed to say the word ‘no’. Wow. Great, we can get out of stacking the chairs at church now? Not exactly, let’s have a look at when it’s appropriate. We’ve been looking at God-filled change and desire over the past few days, and now it’s time to think about how those things can get crowded out sometimes.

Often we find ourselves in the Christian habit of saying ‘yes’ to just about everything we get asked to do, especially when it’s at church. Let’s get one thing straight, making ourselves available to serve isn’t a bad thing: in fact, the Bible says God honours anyone that serves Jesus. (John 12:26 NIV). But when we start to say ‘yes’ to too many things, we’re in danger of giving a halfhearted effort, and our God-filled desires often begin to get cut short. We end up confused about our priorities, and it’s our own time with God that usually suffers the most.

If we really do want to ‘press on’ towards godliness (Phillipians 3:14 style), we have to make sure that we’re not going to burn out. Reaching forwards takes energy, and effort. Let’s use our Spirit-led desires (remember them from yesterday?) to discern what we need to say yes to, and what we need to put on a back burner, or even turn down completely.


Act Now.

Charge a friend up today. Take someone out for coffee (or brew them a cuppa a home, for cheaps), and make a conscious effort to gear the conversation towards how *they’re* doing. Give them your time, and your full attention.

 Lev 26-27, Mark 2




Alternative daily encouragement from UCB, adapted from the Word For Today.

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