Positively, No.

‘Think of yourself with sober judgement.’ Romans 12:3 NIV

Positivity. It can be hard to come by sometimes.You can scroll, flick through, and click your way through to a load of stuff that clogs up your ability to say ‘yes’ to things that are uplifting. Or even world-changing. When we start with God, and get grounded in who we are in Him, we have to prepare ourselves to say ‘no’ to whatever doesn’t match up to that. Which, in today’s world can be a difficult one.

But we’re optimistic. And we like it that way, even when it seems naïve. See, the ‘renewing’ process that we talked about in yesterday’s reading is a process that replaces self-booing thoughts with self-affirming thoughts. Things like being ‘God’s children’ (Galatians 3:26 NIV). He’s set us free to be free from self-hypercriticism.


Here’s a thing: you’re worth dying for. Jesus was pretty keen on that. A pretty good way to spend our lives is to live in the knowledge that we really, really matter. God wants to use us to make a real difference. The best thing we can do is take a leaf out of December 16th’s book and learn to ‘take captive’ (2 Cor. 10:5 NIV) those thoughts that would say otherwise.


So there. We should probably do a ‘What now?’ and ask Him to teach us to see ourselves through His eyes (see below). Which, by the way, shouldn’t end up with us being full of ourselves. No. Knowing who we are in God will mean we’re full of Him; ready to point others His way.


What now?

Ask God to show you how positively He sees you, then make a list of your ten best qualities. (Awkward… but good for you). Keep the list safe. 

 Gen 32-34, John 21:1-14, Ps 12, Pr 31:1-5




Alternative daily encouragement from UCB, adapted from the Word For Today.

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