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‘They shall bear fruit in old age...’ Psalms 92:14 NKJV

Some people are more freaked out by the idea of old age than the idea of death. Even when getting old is a long way off, lots of us associate old age with growing lonelier and less important - quite reasonably, that scares us. This kind of fear is what drives the kind of living in the present that’s summed up by instagram-ready quotes like ‘Live Fast, Die Young, and Leave a Beautiful Corpse’ and ‘Eat Sleep Party Repeat’ (both highly tipped for ‘quotes most likely to make it onto your next W4U poster’, of course.)

What if, in Christianity, the older you get, the more you’ve lived for God and lived for others, the greater and more significant you get? Psalm 92 is a slap in the face of fear; the fear that says you’ll stop being important, you’ll stop mattering, you’ll lose everything. It says that those who live for God “stay fresh and green” (verse 14). Strength and energy - and more than that, an impact on the world that comes from faithfulness to God. Take a second and think: how much is your life the product of the prayer of older Christians who love you? In God’s world, the elderly are a vital, giving, part of communities. They *matter*. The Message Bible calls them ‘witnesses to the upright God’ (verse 15), who gives strength and zeal exactly where the world fears decay. Want your growing old to be less about frantic fear and more about confident flourishing? Absorb the Gospel now (with your whole being, not just your mind), soak it in like a plant’s roots, and look forward to an incredible return.


What now?

See if you can serve at your church’s next seniors’ event.

 Luke 8:1-25 , Ps 43-45




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