‘…It was my closest friend, the one I trusted most.’ Psalms 55:13 CEV

Close-range shots hurt most (ever been paintballing?) And it’s the same with life stuff. We get wounded if something close to our hearts, or someone that we trust, turns out to be not quite how we thought, or wanted. Betrayal, man. It stings (King David felt it – read the whole of today’s Psalm). Even if you’re not the type to admit to feeling ‘wounded’ when stuff that you kind of counted on goes wrong, it still affects you, leaving you feeling generally miffed with the world, or losing sleep. Betrayal, and other messy life-stuff, throws us out of balance. And, truth is, not dealing with it properly affects our relationship with God. This might feel like a tough idea, but not taking time to work through those it separates us from the fullness of God’s grace. Matthew 6:14-15 brings that home.

Also, not dealing with hurt can lead us into a new sense of not-quite-full-trust towards God. The likelihood is, you’re not yelling at the sky, raging at God. Perhaps something just feels slightly… off. We’re not saying that it’s a conscious act, but the stuff that sits on our heart changes its landscape. And there’s only one thing that fixes it. Honesty. With God, and yourself. It’s okay to be hurt. It’s not un-Christian. It’s not petty. It’s human. And, guess what, you’re one of those.


What Now?

We need to learn to hand over the deep stuff to the Holy Spirit. Go for a 30 minute prayer walk today, and assess whether anything is sitting, undealt with, in your mind. Talk to God about it, 100% honestly. Keep nothing back. Invite Him to heal you.

 Luke 4:1-30 , Ps 23-25




Alternative daily encouragement from UCB, adapted from the Word For Today.

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