‘Make up your mind not to put any stumbling block…in your brother’s way.’ Romans 14:13 NIV

Okay. So we’ve thought about how people may have been hurt, and how that can put up a block. There’s another big reason that people can be put off Christianity: they have a certain idea of how it’ll play out. People see the Church in a million different ways, and some of the ways that they see it can be less than inviting. And, by extension, they think the same of Christianity in general: miles away from the real world, full up of rules and lingo, obsessed with emptying your wallet, etc, etc. We know that idea isn’t quite right, but it’s still a real barrier between them and God.

So what do we do? We think that best thing to do is, again, be honest. Opening up to the fact that the Church is a huge body of believers - big enough for plenty of room for error - is a good start. Sometimes the preaching is boring. Sometimes the conversation and after-service tea are equally weak. But there's a flipside: that isn't what Church is about. Church is about welcoming everyone. Maybe to change someone's idea of Church, you'll have to not only be honest about its shortcomings, but confident in the fact that God moves through Christians. What has God done in your life, through the Church or in a personal way? Don't shy away from sharing it.

What Now?

Go to, and read the interview where we chat to an atheist. He gives some really honest, and really helpful, thoughts on what we can do better, as Christians, to talk to people about God.

 2 Sam 14:21-17:13, Luke 10:25-37, Ps 78:17-31, Pr 16:26-30




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