Floodlights On Your Future? 1

‘…We walk by faith, not by sight.’ 2 Corinthians 5:7 NKJV

It’s not easy to trust in something when you have no idea what’s going to happen, so we don’t tend to do it a lot. Even things like parachuting are thoroughly tested and evaluated and safety-checked, which is a very, very good thing, by an expert before we do it. (Well, when we say ‘we’…) You don’t take a test until you’ve been taught the material by someone much more knowledgeable. You don’t throw a back-flip until you’ve been trained by someone qualified (we hope). But it’s not possible to know what to expect in everything you do. You never really know what to expect in a new job, or even when you wake up tomorrow. That’s not to inspire any anxiety or fear though – it sounds a lot scarier than it is. There’s no way to be an expert on life before you’ve lived it but, lucky for us, God isn’t fussed by that whole ‘time’ thing. He knows what’s ahead of us, and He’s *far* more knowledgeable than us (sorry for any bubble-bursting but we thought you should know). Isaiah 42:16 says, ‘I will bring the blind by ways they have not known…’ (NIV). So there’s no need to be scared when you don’t know what lies ahead as long as you’re willing to trust in God to guide you through it. What Now? There is no shortage of blindfold obstacle course/trust fall-esque games out there. If you get bored this week, why not grab a friend and have a laugh giving a few a go.

 2 Chron 32-33, Rom 1




Alternative daily encouragement from UCB, adapted from the Word For Today.

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