Comeback King

‘He got into one of the boats… belonging to Simon…’ Luke 5:3 NIV

In Luke 5, Jesus taught His soon-to-be disciple Simon an absolutely cracking lesson. He hopped on to Simon’s fishing boat to get a bit of personal space from a crowd of followers, then they floated out to chill on the sea for a bit. Simon was convinced that they wouldn’t catch any fish, because the nets had been completely empty so far. (Ever been fishing? It’s harder when there isn’t any.) But Jesus told Simon, ‘Push out into the deep water and let your nets out for a catch.’ Simon replied, ‘We tried all night, but at your word I will let out the nets’ (Luke 5:4-5). Almost immediately the nets were filled to the brim with fish. So full that they began to sink. A pretty sound comeback there, Jesus. Do you feel like Simon? Often we can feel we’ve tried everything, or maybe we’ve experienced too many disappointments to keep trying, so we’re ready to give up. Here’s the lesson for us: Our whole situation can change when we invite Jesus on board. Some would call it a risk, but what Simon experienced when he began to follow Jesus was a life of adventure. We’re called to that, too. We just need to make room for Jesus, follow what He says, and walk into a life of adventure with Him. What now? That instruction to ‘push out into the deep water’ is kinda profound, when you think about it in spiritual terms. So this week, find a body of water, sit by it, and spend at least 30 minutes praying in silence.

 Job 20-21, 1 Cor 3




Alternative daily encouragement from UCB, adapted from the Word For Today.

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