‘Be fruitful…multiply…and govern.’ Genesis 1:28 NLT

God created Adam to work creation *before* mankind ‘fell’ (Genesis 2:15). Work wasn’t punishment, it was a good thing, a job to do, as part of Creation… but also especially separate to it…


Adam and Eve were intended to represent God to Creation -  to ‘reign over it’ (Genesis 1:26 NLT), in the same sort of way that God does, through looking after it and growing it well. He gave them some of His work in that, because He delights in sharing with His adored children.  They were also intended to represent Creation to Him. Their joy, the joy that they were to find in growing that world for Him, would inspire them to make the conscious choice to thank God. They were the excited children, asked to plant cress seeds by a parent who anticipated them running back, with delighted awe, when the seeds sprouted. Created partners: unequal but deeply adored joint-owners of a beautiful project.

Adam and Eve’s ‘priesthood’ over Creation didn’t necessarily have church-style rituals, it didn’t need to. Their priesthood was part of their God-given purpose and identity.


Today, our earth isn’t the same, but our calling is: represent God to our world, bring Him in to it more and more (‘be Jesus’ to those who need Him), and, by extension, to represent it back to Him, by making the choice to constantly bring it in front of Him in prayer, no matter how fallen and far from the original plan it is.


What Now?

We’re getting sunday school. Chop the big end off of a carrot or parsnip. Put it in a saucer of water. Replace the water every day, and pray as you do so. Watch the shoots come through. 

 Matt 5:1-12, Josh 10:5-14




Alternative daily encouragement from UCB, adapted from the Word For Today.

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