‘Why is this happening to me?’ Genesis 25:22 NIV

Some of us live waiting to find out what part we have to play in God’s Kingdom - waiting until we have been given a title, or an owl-delivered letter. But all Christians have already been given a role, an identity to take on, an invitation to accept. Understanding this truth makes sense of what God is doing in our lives.

In the story behind today’s verse we find Rebekah asking the question, ‘Just what the heck is happening to me?’ She’s carrying twins and the two babies in her womb keep wrestling with each other (probably mildly uncomfortable...). She knows something’s going on, but what? Well, years and years in the future, the youngest boy ends up becoming the father of a nation you may have heard of - Israel - from which Jesus came.

Why me? Why now? This is so difficult, so uncomfortable, so inconvenient. Have you ever found yourself saying these things? Just like for Rebekah, maybe knowing the fact that God’s at work would help with these ‘What Now?!’ moments. The ancient Hebrews had a word they used to help people remember this. ‘Kavanah’. Kavanah means to have an awareness of God’s purpose and God’s presence.

It’s about the direction of your heart, knowing that God’s already been working out His purpose for your life. Before you needed to ask. If you have a Kavanah that God is doing something, and that God is with you, then everything around you changes.

What Now?

Bring that question into your situation today: God what are You doing in this? Let me know that You are with me, help me to be aware of Your presence inside whatever I face today. What now, Father?

 Jos 19:24 - 21:45, Luke 23:13-25, Ps 34, Pr 21:14-16




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