‘As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive, as they are today.' Genesis 50:20 ESV

Here’s Joseph’s story in 3 lines: his brothers put him in a pit, his boss put him in a prison, and God put him on a throne. (a few millennia later, Andrew Lloyd Webber put some songs out). What can we learn from Joseph?

1. Your dreams may not go to your plan. Joseph’s dreams (Genesis 37:5-10) were about his own power. God’s plans included Joseph being in power, but were first about saving a nation. God’s plans weren’t incompatible with Joseph’s, but they were different, and massively better. Rather than us just growing our own empires, God wants to grow His Kingdom, which is a win for everyone. Joseph’s dreams seemed to have collapsed, but he got up again, with God.

2. Other people may knock you to your knees. But that’s a good place to land. If God is in control of your life (hint: He is), then even when people ‘mean evil against’ you, ‘God mean[s to use] it for good’. When you can only see the evil, go straight to God with it. He can bring you through it, and put you into a stronger place than before, because of it.

3. God does it all. Joseph took a few opportunities to arrange power for himself, but he fell flat (Genesis 40:23). God’s all for you being proactive in your plans, but He also wants to make sure we remember where success comes from, and stay close to Him. After all, isn’t God-less leadership a problem for humanity throughout our history?


What now?

Have a God-focussed day. Bask, if you can, in who God is and what He’s done for you. And have a really lovely day. (Remember what we said on Tuesday? Go for it!).

 Luke 6:1-26 , Ps 33-34




Alternative daily encouragement from UCB, adapted from the Word For Today.

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