‘God…will hear me and humble them.’ Psalms 55:19 NLT

Okay, you went for your prayer walk yesterday. You’ve identified some of the stuff that’s been pressing on your mind and heart, and are working through it with God. Great. Really, really great. We’re praying here at W4U HQ that God gives you real heart, mind, and soul healing.

And the next step after that? Well, maybe there isn’t one. It could be that once you’ve acknowledged what’s going on inside of you, and taken it to God, you’re done. Often, all we need to ‘get over something’ is to actually face up to the thing itself. Maybe, then, you can just keep praying it through, and you’ll be A-Okay. If, however you feel like you need an extra step forwards to feel completely ‘over it’, then we have an idea or two. (We’re going to interrupt ourselves here to tell you to spend five praying it through again. Come back to us and carry on reading from here when you’re done, though.)


A. Talk to the person or people or organisation involved. Do it rationally, calmly, and with as much grace as you (and Jesus through you) can muster, but *do* talk about the fact that you’re hurt.

B. If, after doing that, you’re still hurt, talk to someone else - a trusted, older friend. Sometimes, if the hurt goes deep, we need that outside perspective.


Act Now.

It can be really powerful to keep looking out to others, even if you’re going through hurt. Pay for someone’s cup of coffee today. If you find yourself in a coffee shop, ask the person next in the queue what they want, and pay for it. If you don’t have the cash to do that, strike up a conversation with them instead. Dare you.

 Num 1-2, Mark 3:1-19




Alternative daily encouragement from UCB, adapted from the Word For Today.

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