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‘All of you set free by God, tell the world! Tell how he freed you from oppression.’ Psalm 107:2 MSG

Psalm 107 is full of examples of God restoring people. From those who were imprisoned and in chains, to those who were destroying themselves, to those who were going through storms. The Psalm says that God ‘delivered them from their distress’ (vv.6; 13; 19; 28 ESV). Then it goes on to encourage each group to thank and praise God for what He’d done for them. We may have experienced that kind of restoration in our lives too. Maybe it was freedom from what was holding us back, forgiveness for ways we’ve tried to handle things on our own, a calming of the storm we were facing, or something else. When that happens, we need to praise God. But we also need to share our story with others. ‘Tell the world! Tell how he freed you from oppression’. We may not feel comfortable telling the world, but we can tell those we’re closest to, or people who are going through the same things. We should let someone know, because telling our story can be powerful. When we tell someone what God’s done, it can make a difference in their lives. It may start them off on a journey of healing and restoration too. Or it may simply encourage them to keep trusting, keep believing and keep going. We shouldn’t let fear, embarrassment or comparison stop us. Our story matters. What God’s done in our lives, however big or small, is significant. In Psalm 40, David shares a testimony, and then writes that because of what God’s done, ‘many will see and fear the Lord and put their trust in him’ (v.3 NIV). And our stories can do the same. Our stories have power. So let’s tell others what God’s done for us.

What now?
Share your story with someone today. Why not send your story to us, we’d love to hear how God’s been working in your life. Email publications@ucb.co.uk.

1 King 16-18, Acts 7:1-22


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