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When God ‘Shows’ It to You

‘…Their eyes were opened and they recognised him…’

Luke 24:31

One day Jesus touched the eyes of a blind man and he exclaimed, ‘I see men as trees, walking’ (Mark 8:24 KJV). In other words, ‘I see something, but it’s not completely clear yet.’ So Jesus touched him again, cleared his perceptions, removing his limitations and setting him free to become the man God made him to be. Without a God-given vision you’ll stumble through life, blind to who God is and what He can do; blind to who you are and what He can accomplish through you. Thomas Edison ‘saw’ incandescent light before the first electric bulb ever glowed. It’s what sustained him through thousands of failed experiments. Bill Gates ‘saw’ a PC in every office and home, while the so-called experts were busy announcing, ‘It’ll never happen in our lifetime.’ Forty years before Israel set foot in the Promised Land, Moses ‘saw’ it (Hebrews 11:27 NKJV). God can be doing all sorts of things, yet you don’t see them because you’re spiritually blind. Remember the two disciples on the Emmaus Road? It was only after Jesus had walked with them for seven miles and explained the Scriptures to them that we read, ‘…Their eyes were opened and they recognised Him…’ (Luke 24:31 NLT) When you begin to see God at work in your situation, your fear is diminished and your faith is strengthened. How does He reveal Himself? At church? Sometimes. But mostly He opens His Word and our understanding and we start to see Him in a way we never have before. So today pray, ‘Open my eyes that I may see…’ (Psalms 119:18 NIV). 

Ezek 34-36, Luke 3:21-38, Ps 64, Pr 14:25-28

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