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What is OneHope?

OneHope is an international ministry that is changing lives by sharing Scripture with children and youth around the world. Our mission is to affect destiny by providing God’s eternal word to all the children and youth of the world.

Founded in 1987 by missionary Bob Hoskins and now led by his son Rob Hoskins, OneHope has a plan to reach every young person, in every nation, with a relevant Gospel message by the year 2030. Today, by God’s grace, the ministry of OneHope has touched over one billion young lives with God’s Word through our innovative Scripture engagement tools--print, film, apps, virtual worlds and much more.

OneHope is an outcome-based ministry. This means we start by identifying the desired result and then build a program specifically designed to achieve that purpose.

We are dedicated and devoted to the Church and believe that in order to be an effective outcome-based ministry, children and youth need the long-term spiritual support that only the local church can provide. We always welcome new partnerships and pray continually for the next connection with a ministry or individual that will help spur the mission onward and impact a generation — both now and for eternity.

For more information about the work of OneHope around the world, visit OneHope’s international website here.