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Pray21 - with Word 4U 2Day

Now, WE think this is brilliant.

The idea behind Pray21 is simple – spend 21 days taking a close look at Jesus and taking a close look at yourself. Even better, it’s that journey of God-discovery and self-discovery together: you and a trusted mentor meeting to ask these questions together, to learn together and to pray big prayers.

Excitingly, Pray21 have allowed us at Word 4U 2Day to use some of their (really good) material to offer to you, for FREE here on ucb.co.uk! We've got the first three days of Pray21 for free as a sample, to show you what we're talking about, and a link (HERE! UPDATE UPDATE!! Pray21 is available!) to buy the book for yourself (it's only £4.99 each).

We're big fans of it in Word 4U HQ.

PLUS we have some EXCLUSIVE bonus Pray21 content, a story from the disciples’ point of view (they were young people themselves, not professionals who knew it all!) to set the tone for the questions every day, as a Word 4U 2Day extra feature! This bonus content is pretty cool as it is, but will make a LOT more sense if you read it alongside the daily readings in the book

So, find a mentor (you’ll want to make sure you go about this with your church and your parents involved - pray21.com has a handy "how-to" guide to make sure that everybody stays safe and wise) , decide if you’re going to work in one pair or meet as a group of mentoring pairs, decide if you’re going to meet every day or every couple of days (or whatever), and commit to pray and discover together! It’s only three weeks, right? These three weeks might just revolutionise your relationship with God. (This means you too, mentors!).

We'll start with an explanation of where Pray21 is coming from, then kick things off with the daily readings. Let’s get going then...

(Creator of Pray21 and good friend of Word 4U 2Day)

It was all I could do not to fail GCSE Maths.* Tutors and teachers did their best. But I had some kind of mental block, maybe missed some basic concept somewhere in the past.

I got an E.

By a few marks.

But I scraped by.

Some questions in life never get answered. But not because they’re never asked. Just because of some mental block. Some basic concept missing.

Everything else in my life seemed fine. Seemed. Tim had it together. Outgoing. Confident. Successful. Getting by in life. So no one bothered asking the hard questions.

Some questions never get answered because we don’t see any reason to ask. If the status quo is adequate, why challenge it?

And then there are the questions we’re afraid to ask. Afraid of the answers.

Growth begins with good questions. But if the questions never get asked or answered, growth stalls. A lot of people live and die without answers. Getting by.

It’s a tragedy to settle for scraping by in life.

I was thirty-four before someone asked me the question I’d never faced. My mentor asked, “Who are you?”

Silence. He might as easily have asked me to calculate the hypotenuse of a trapezoidal pentagon. He wasn’t just requesting my name, title, or least favourite Disney character. And I knew it. I tried bluffing. He caught me. I only needed to answer the question. I had no idea.

When I eventually figured it out, the answer involved some scary soul searching. The kind I’m inviting you to do. In accepting the Pray21 challenge, you’re going to hit some hard questions. Maybe you’re young. You need to face the ‘Who are you?’ question now, before you waste years pretending. (By the way, if you have placed your faith in Christ, you can know with absolute certainty who you are. You’ll see what I mean by the end of the book.)

Or perhaps you’re not so young. A long way down the road. Career established, family growing, and maybe still unaware of your identity or purpose. (You can know who you are, too. Someone should have helped you figure it out long ago.)

We’re all asking the same question. It’s not too late to find the answer. And when you find yourself, you’ll be able to do all God made you to do. And have the time of your life doing it.

You have been created for significance and service, called to mission and ministry. Getting by is not an option. Getting by is getting lost.

In this book you’ll read about people like you. Asking questions. Avoiding questions. Oblivious to the questions. People in discovery. Getting beyond just getting by. When you wrestle with their stories, you’ll open doors for your journey of discovery. Maybe you’ll let God inside your heart, where he can birth his plan for you. Hopefully you’ll begin to recognise and respond to his call.

Learn who you are. Then start asking ‘What’s next?’

Fifteen or fifty-five, you are God’s answer to somebody’s questions. Take 21 days to launch a life of change—change in yourself, changing your world.

The journey’s about to begin.

Any questions?

* Tim grew up in the USA, and Pray 21 was first written in American English, so this line originally said “tenth grade geometry”. This change and others throughout the book have been made to better fit Pray 21 into a UK context, whilst keeping the meanings as close as possible to the original.

Pray21 Full List of Daily Readings - Day 1