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OneHope's History in the UK

After the tragedy of losing his third child in 1988, David L’Herroux had a choice: He could try to find out why God allowed this to happen, or he could see what God would do through it. It was through this loss that a greater compassion for the lost young generation of the UK drove him to seek out ways to reach them. L’Herroux’s heart broke for the youth, and as he discovered God’s heart was broken over the loss of millions of His children, he began to seek ways to reach the youth of the UK. It was through this journey that OneHope in the UK was founded.

A few years after God ignited the fire for children and youth in the UK in L’Herroux heart, God led him to Bob Hoskins, founder of OneHope. They shared the passion to reach the youth of the world, and through partnership, they joined forces to launch of the Book of Hope in the UK. It took several years to take the American product and Anglicize it, but the Book of Hope was able to take off and was distributed from Liverpool to the Midlands, to Scotland, and to Wales. From its start in 1997 until 2006, OneHope was able to distribute approximately 1.5 million Books of Hope around the UK.

Several years into the OneHope’s UK ministry, L’Herroux met Ian Mackie, CEO of United Christian Broadcasters. In April of 2007, United Christian Broadcasters (UCB) and OneHope formed a strategic alliance as L’Herroux joined the UCB Executive Team as Ministry Director. In partnership with UCB, OneHope has distributed over 3.5 million Books of Hope to children and youth in the UK since 2007.

UCB and OneHope continue their work in the UK through not only 5 versions of the Book of Hope, but also through additional projects, such as a resource website for Religious Education teachers, a new program for young adults called KnowMyStory, and the media team.