United Christian Broadcasters is a family of affiliated Christian Media Ministries with a common vision of communicating the Gospel message around the world. UCB is unique because all our Affiliates are autonomous but they work together as a united group with shared goals.

What We Offer

  • Positive and encouraging content over the full range of traditional and new media outlets
  • Programmes and resources that reinforce Christian and family values
  • A balance of talk shows and music from Christian artists

Our Goals

  1. To search out opportunities under God's direction and establish Christian radio, TV, print and internet in areas that don't have adequate media coverage.
  2. To nurture, train, and advise local people on the best way to establish professional Christian media ministries to effectively communicate with their communities.
  3. To assist new Christian media initiatives with technical, business and financial assistance.
  4. To provide ongoing support and training
  5. To provide fellowship so that individuals and organisations gain a strong sense of belonging to the wider UCB family
  6. To enter into co-operative ventures with other like-minded organisations.